Adding a Bit of Magick to Your Daily Life

Oh so many things that you can do to add a little bit of magick to your daily life.  Here are just a few off the top of my head:

When you wake up think of three things you're grateful for before your feet hit the ground. (raises energy/vibration for the day).

Stir intention into your morning cup of coffee, tea, water, or whatever it is that you enjoy. Clockwise please! 😉

Use your shower as a cleansing place for both the physical and energetic body. Imagine all that auric "goo" of negativity washing right off of you and down that drain.

While you dry off, imagine that you are creating a shield of protection. Wax off...wax on! 🙂

While putting on your lotions and/or creams....draw sigils on your forehead and body for protection (or whatever).

Charm your makeup with glamour spells! Lipstick that lets you say the right words and be understood....yes please!!

When you're cleaning spray your cleaner onto the surfaces in the design of a sigil or pentacle, then rub that magick right in!! Pentacles are great for windows and doors too!!

Take just one to three minutes to gaze upwards at the sky or into the trees of a park. Take a breath and tell yourself how grateful you are to be able to enjoy the view even if only for a moment.

Choose spices to use in your meals that represent something to or for rosemary for protection or personal power. BAM! Magick in the meal. 🙂

Keep your favorite crystals in a pretty jar or on a decorative plate and train yourself to touch them as you pass by.

Take your shoes off and just feel the earth for a few seconds.

Light a birthday candle at the end of the day and watch the flame burn down as you think of three good things that happened that day...even if you have to search for them. heart

No matter what you do, you are no less of a witch because you don't have the time, energy, or even desire maybe to take an extended period of time for your craft. Your practice of the craft will continue to morph through your lifetime and there will come a day when you have more time for the "longer stuff" (whatever that may be for you). But for now...just being able to do one little thing a day might be perfectly perfect for you. You should always do you witchypoo!!

Hope those help! Stepping into abundant universal flow is all about finding your personal practice and what works for YOU.

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