Are you a Confused Witch?

Okay, so one of my favorite quotes is: A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention. I don't know who said or wrote it, but when I heard it the first time and really thought about it, I was surprised at how true it is!

When you just keep gathering more and more and more information, you tend not to do much of anything with any of it because you can't give your full attention to any one thing. Sound familiar?

A lot of witches fall into this information gathering trap that just keeps their practice out of sync. I totally understand this myself as I was like that for a while as well. With the age of technology and the ability to look up anything at any time we, as witches, have more information available to us than ever! That is a double edge sword however. It's great that you can get all sorts of information, but it's what you do with that information and if you actually use it that matters. 

The most powerful witches I know understand this to be true: You must master what resonates with you in the way that is best for you. This means you have to take action and actually put into practice the information that you're gathering or it's just a bunch of stuff that you know...or can reference anyway. I invite you to build yourself up to be your most powerful witch by learning a good solid foundation and then dive deeper into what works for YOU.....and then master that shit!! That's what makes your magick work! It's not the arsenal of herbs or the clutch of crystals. It's you and your mastery of the knowledge that you USE. 

This is why I love teaching my courses and hosting the Sister Circle Virtual Coven. It allows me to share the 30+ years ( did that happen?) of experience and knowledge I have with other amazing people on the path so that they can become serious and practical about their craft. It's hard enough with the way the world is so opinionated and harsh right now, so I feel good in sharing with you as I have through the years. We all can use a little love, understanding, and encouragement every now and again right!?!? On October 1st I re-launch my Witchcraft in 30 Days course and I'm really excited about connecting with those that will find the path and the ease of magickal flow from it! This course was originally recorded in 2017 but by popular request is being released as a stand alone course now at a greatly reduced price from it's original launch. It gives you practical, useful, understandable, and actionable information that you can begin to use right away to connect to your personal path and truths. 

So I invite you to begin to stop the madness of information collection and begin to utilize what you already know so that you can begin to really develop your true magickal self! The confusion fades away when you do this, I promise. If you'd like to join me in the circle, we'd love to welcome you of course!

May you be blessed always and in all ways. 

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