Bath Blends for Rituals

Bath blends are a great way to get ready for ritual or to BE the ritual itself! Also, it's just nice to have a self care day once in a while that still allows you to marry your witchy side into this mundane task. :)
To make a bath blend, choose a combination of ingredients:
  • Flower petals/buds- I almost always have a bouquet on the table, so when the flowers are almost wilted, I get one more use out of them! You could also use fresh petals from garden flowers or dried petals. My favorite to use are lilacs, carnations, and roses.
  • Herbs- same as flowers, both dried or fresh will work! I highly recommend chamomile for it’s soothing skincare properties. Calendula is also lovely and healing for the skin. Lavender has a gentle and relaxing scent. If you don’t have fresh or dried herbs, you can consider using an extract [ But be careful with extracts and essential oils- they should only be used in very small quantities, and some may cause irritation to your skin!]
  • Salt- Salt dissolves in bath water and has a host of medicinal and magickal benefits. I always have my Salt Blends ready to go, but you may consider using Himalayan Sea Salt or Lava Salt (with activated charcoal). You may even consider using a blend of magickal Black Salt!
  • Crystals- Adding a charged crystal to your blend will help to give your blend the qualities of the crystal you use. I almost always include my favorite stone to help draw in joy and good fortune.
If you have the time, leave the bath blend on a windowsill overnight to charge it with the power of the moon. You could also say a chant, although I usually prefer to focus my intent mentally as I make the blend.
I actually let the mix soak in just an inch of water for an hour or so before I run the rest of the water to take my bath- I like to let the water really soak up the goodness of the blend!
And ta-dah! Add the mix to your next hot bath for a beautiful, luxurious, and blessed experience.
I love how simple but delightful these easy blends are to make. And, if you use what you have on hand, a little witchy luxury in the bath is totally free!
Blessings (and Happy Baths!) to All!

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