Casting a Jar Spell

Jar spells can have a wide variety of uses. Let’s start by defining what this method entails.

What Are Jar Spells?

Historically, bottled spells have mostly been used to ward off other witches’ curses. However, this method of witchcraft can be used to accomplish pretty much anything.

It all starts with a container of some sort, a candle, and an intention. As we’ll discuss later on, the caster first must have a clear idea of what they’re trying to accomplish with the spell. They may want to summon love, protect themselves or their home, or even improve their mental health. From that basic idea, they can start gathering their supplies.

The caster’s intention will help them settle on affirmations or incantations and sigils they can use to charge the items as they place them into a container. Those ingredients should all have a symbolic meaning that also corresponds to the main intention behind the spell. Once they’re all in the jar, the caster may seal the lid with wax from the candle and allow it to burn out while focusing on the affirmations.

Once the spell is charged, the caster may move it to their altar or another significant place in their home. Alternatively, they may wear it on their person or gift it to a loved one. The spell should take effect within days or weeks. Depending on the caster’s skill, it may be quite long-lasting — but it’s best to renew it after a few months.

How to Make Your Own Jar Spells

Now that you know the basics about jar spells, let’s clarify a few points about the casting process before we give some examples. Eventually, these steps will become second nature and you’ll be able to find suitable ingredients almost intuitively. But for now, you may use this guide to take some of the guesswork out of spellcasting.

Gathering Supplies

First and foremost, you’ll need to make sure you have everything you’ll need to cast the spell. To begin with, you’ll need to find a container. Even though this method of casting is contained within jars, those aren’t the only vessels you can use.

If you want to be able to carry the spell wherever you go, you could use a smaller bottle or even a vial necklace pendant. Alternatively, you could use any empty glass jar with a functioning lid you have in your home. Just make sure your ingredients will be able to fit into the container you choose. And if you don’t want to have a mess on your hands, don’t forget to bring a funnel!

Next, you’ll want to focus on defining the intention behind your spell. This will help you choose everything from your affirmation or incantation and sigil to the color of the candle you’ll use. When your intention is clear, you’ll be able to make up an affirmation you’ll use to charge each ingredient before dropping it into your container. The sigil is just a visual representation of that sentiment, which you can design on your own or copy from someone else’s spell recipe.

Your intention will also help you choose the candles you’ll use during the casting process. Their colors should have a symbolic meaning — for example, white indicates purity, peace, healing, and hope. Therefore, white candles should be appropriate for most aspirational spells. However, red ones might be better suited for summoning love and green ones should be used for prosperity spells.

Learn What Different Spell Ingredients Mean

As we have mentioned, the ingredients you’ll use are the main part of this whole equation. Eventually, you’ll be able to go by heart and simply pluck things from your pantry. But if you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t feel bad about checking the meanings of different items. The most basic things you’ll use may include:

  • Rock salt for grounding, purification, and absorbing or deflecting negative energy
  • Sugar for attracting the objects of your desire
  • Sage, rosemary, and thyme for protection and strength
  • Lavender and chamomile for peace and relaxation
  • Rice for luck, joy, and abundance
  • Cinnamon for wealth and prosperity
  • Dried rose petals for attracting good feelings, like passion or love
  • Dried daffodils or sunflower petals for happiness
  • Black pepper and other spicy ingredients like chili powder for warding off negativity and evil

Since you probably already have most of these ingredients in your pantry, you can see why jar spells are so popular. Moreover, the symbolic properties these items possess are fairly easy to intuit.

You could even find your ingredients out in nature and assign your meanings to them. For example, you might pick up some small rocks on a hike and have them symbolize stepping stones in a prosperity spell. Similarly, adding seeds to your clarity spells can be a good way to summon growth.

After you have a basic list of ingredients, take a moment to make sure they’ll interact well in a spell. You wouldn’t want them to cancel each other out, would you?

Casting Method

Once you have all your ingredients on hand, it’s time to start casting. However, before you do, you might want to make sure the time is right for you. Certain moon phases can help or hinder your spells. 

In any case, when you decide the time is right, you can get started with your pre-spell rituals. Not everyone has one, but you might want to cast a protective circle and light your candles, as well as place your jar within the circle. If you want, you can also cleanse your tools and ingredients by burning incense or sage over them. To prevent rot, make sure everything is completely dry before performing the ritual.

After you’ve done that, you can start layering your items into the jar. The order in which you do that is a matter of preference. If you’ve drawn your sigil or written your affirmation on a piece of paper, you could drop it in first or leave it for later. However, we recommend placing the heaviest things first to prevent crushing lighter items like dried flowers.

So if you have rocks, gemstones, or salt on your list of ingredients, pop those things in first. Next, put in your finely ground ingredients like spices, and lighter stuff like leaves and flowers. Lastly, you can put feathers and herbs on top. As you drop the items into your container, keep your mind on your main intention.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

When your container is full, it’s time to charge it and seal it. First, simply put the lid or cork onto the jar or vial you used. Then, drip the wax from your candle over it to seal it. Let your candles burn next to the container as you focus on manifesting the intention you started with.

After you have meditated with the jar, you could let the candles burn out. Alternatively, you could extinguish them and use them again later to charge the same spell again.

Lastly, you could decorate your jar spells with whatever materials you like. Twine is a pretty popular choice for binding. Knots or bows can just as effectively seal your jar as wax can. You can also add dry flowers or pendants to the outside of the jar.

When your container looks the way you want it to, you should put it somewhere important. For example, if you’d made a spell for focusing, you could leave it in your room or wherever you study. If you want it to protect your home, you can put it near the entrance or at your altar. Alternatively, if you made a bunch of personal protection jar spells, you could distribute them to your loved ones.

Examples of Popular Jar Spells

As we have mentioned, jar spells can serve any number of purposes. They can do pretty much anything as long as there’s a strong intention behind them. However, most people use them to achieve one of the following goals:

Good Luck

Most people would probably say that they could use some good luck in their lives. However, this spell would be particularly helpful for people who are about to face big challenges.

To begin with, find a good container and an orange, yellow, or green candle, to symbolize success, manifestation, or luck. There are a lot of ingredients you can put in your jar, but basil, ginger, and mint leaves or peppermint oil may be the easiest ones to find. After you seal your container, focus on manifesting the kind of luck you need while the candle burns out.

On the other hand, if you wanted to summon positive vibes in general, you can use:

  • Dried daffodils and sunflower petals to symbolize happiness
  • Dried rose petals for love and affection
  • Cinnamon for energy and power
  • Citrine chips for confidence and good fortune

And do your casting with a white, yellow, or pink candle, to represent hope, manifestation, or harmony.


Jar spells for prosperity can be pretty similar to those that are supposed to summon luck. However, they tend to have a wider reach. You can use them to summon an abundance of kind friends, empowerment, or financial prosperity.

For this casting process, you’ll want to get a green candle, which in this case symbolizes money, fertility, and luck. To summon money, place the following items into your jar:

  • Pink Himalayan rock salt to block negativity
  • White sugar to attract good things
  • Coffee grounds to represent a catalyst and drive change
  • Cinnamon for wealth
  • Dried rose petals to summon kindness

Alternatively, you could use crushed malachite, which represents wealth, and top it with allspice, pennies, and dried eucalyptus and mint leaves. Additionally, coins can be a great addition to any financial prosperity spell.

If you’re looking for something to be returned to you, like a debt, you might want to throw some sesame seeds into the mix. Alternatively, if you want to keep to things you already own — to curb your spending or save up — you can use onion peel and garlic.


Many ingredients can be used to block negative energy and intentions from impacting you and your loved ones. Protective jar spells usually start with a black candle. Black gemstones like tourmaline and black onyx can also help the process along. Even garnet shards may help thicken your skin.

When you have those things, you can start layering ingredients into the jar. As you already know, many things have a symbolic meaning of protection attached to them, including salt, rosemary, black pepper, bay leaves, garlic, ginger, and sage. Even crushed or powdered eggshells are said to have a protective effect.

And, if you’re trying to protect against certain people, you can include chili flakes or powder. Those ingredients are supposed to ward off unwanted guests, so they’ll surely banish negative people from your life.

Mental Health

If you’re struggling with mental health issues, you may use a white candle for peace, a purple one for tranquility and wisdom, or pink to represent self-love. From there, you could also find a gemstone that symbolizes your intention. Rose quartz can inspire emotional healing, amethyst heightens intuition, and lepidolite is great for spiritual growth and stress relief.

If you’re looking for clarity and wisdom, you’ll start with rock salt, as usual, then add clove, cinnamon, black tea, elderberry, and lemon peels. You can also add thyme and rosemary for strength and courage. On the other hand, if you want to soothe anxious thoughts, you can include crushed amethyst or clear quartz, rock salt, pine needles, sage lavender, and chamomile.


Despite what some people might think, love spells aren’t usually directed at certain people. Usually, we just use them to attract kind people and repel toxic ones. So if you have a crush on someone and they’re a good person, this spell may attract them. But it could also push them away if they’re simply not for you!

To begin with, you can get a red or pink candle and put rock salt at the bottom of your container to defend against negative energy. Next, put white sugar on top, to bring forth sweet and good things. Additionally, you may use various dried herbs, flowers, and fruits, including:

  • Rose petals for romantic love and passion
  • Tulip petals, rosemary, cinnamon, and cayenne for lust
  • Shrimp or oyster shells for their aphrodisiac effects
  • Dried orange rind for energy and prosperity

When you have all the ingredients you’ll need, charge the spell with rose quartz, and seal the jar with wax.

Set Your Intention and Follow Through!

Ultimately, jar spells can help you reach a goal you choose. The sky is the limit: you can use these spells to enhance creativity, summon positive people, and conjure success. Still, if you’re a beginner, you should focus on learning what different ingredients can do. 

Most importantly though, remember that your magickal workings support your mundane actions. This means that you can't just cast for a six figure job and then expect it to come to you without doing the mundane actions to sending your resume out. 

Best part is that it gives us witches another reason to collect those amazing jars!


source: wicca academy

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