Choose your most magickal life.

My life is blessed. I truly feel that way 99.9% of the time. That wasn't always the case. The secret? You have to choose to see the good. You have to choose to see the light within the dark times. You have to choose to love yourself. You have to choose to believe in yourself and your personal power to push through whatever it is that life throws at you.....with a smile.
There is no love and light 100% of the time. That's not real life. Shitty shit happens and we have to deal with it. It's hard. It causes us to be shook to our core sometimes. It may even cause you to step back and re-evaluate some beliefs in your life. But that's the great part about tragedy. You hold the belief that life goes on...that you'll get through it and then you do. You come out of whatever it was with a new sense of empowerment. You made it! You survived what you may have thought was something that you wouldn't be able to get through. You just didn't know how you could at the time. Remember that my first invitation to you is always to forget about The How! Universe will make sure you get through it exactly as you were meant to by boosting you with endurance on all levels, by allowing you break down when you feel safe to do so and then move forward, and by sending you more support in your spirit team.
It's okay to sit back sometimes and let Universe take the wheel. It's a long journey and driving can become tiresome. You have to put your trust in those that are along for the ride with you sometimes and hand over the drivers seat so that you can rest.
So feel bad, sad, mad, frustrated, or whatever else comes up when shitty shit happens. Choose to decide that is not where you're going to settle down into. Ride on through bummerville knowing there are so many other fabulous places to see still. And always make it a magickal day!!

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