Clarity with Bubbles

Need help with clarity and peace of mind? I hope these will be able to help you!

1.) Get a bottle of bubbles and go outside, particularly somewhere in nature.
Open the bubbles and with your dominant hand, hold the bubble wand. Then, bring up all the thoughts bothering you and blow them out into the bubbles while thinking “I will be calm, I will have peace, and these thoughts will now leave me.”
Repeat however many times necessary and when the bubbles all finish popping your mind should be clear.

2.) Use (but preferably create) a sigil with the meaning “peacefulness,” close your eyes, take a deep breath and trace it on your forehead while thinking “I will have peace”

3.) use or create a sigil with intent to cleanse and before you shower draw the sigil on the bottom of the shower with soap and as its washed away, you shall be cleansed.

*don't draw it where you will stand because that's dangerous

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