Cleaning Magick. If you have to do it, you might as well make it magickal!

Light and deep cleaning is a that we care for our homes on a day to day basis. This makes it an excellent opportunity to work magick. Magick done while cleaning comes in two ways. Either enchanting cleaning materials you're using and the use of ritual actions. Enchanted cleaning materials are essentially potions that we use to clean, they incorporate magically potent plants and materials in order to imbue the energy of our homes with those from the cleaning potions. An example of ritual cleaning action is sweeping the house to cleanse the energy and move stagnant energy out of the home. Often, this kind of magick merges seamlessly with the cleaning that you already do, making it a marriage of magickal and mundane which as you know is my favorite thing! Replacing cleaning chemicals with cleaning potions and adding some intent is all that’s needed.

Start simple with just working on one room first. It can be any room that you spend a decent amount of time in. It isn’t necessary to do huge marathon cleaning and wear yourself out! Doing a little here and there can make a huge improvement over time and you’ll be much more likely to continue maintaining your home instead of getting worn out and giving up. I personally have a cleaning schedule that I established years ago that lets me do little things every day and the deeper cleanings (think scrub stove) monthly on a rotating schedule which helps me keep it all in balance.

Now, I’m certainly not an expert on cleaning! In fact, it is one of my least favorite things to do. When I do clean though, I like to use as few chemical cleaners as I can manage. I use one cleaner (natures force) for all my light cleaning and I make all of my other cleaning agents with the purpose of magical as well as physical cleansing.


All-Purpose Disinfectant Spray/Wash

I use this for almost daily. Mix up 4 parts warm water with 1 part white vinegar or at least a 70% rubbing alcohol and I let that mixture sit with fresh or dried herbs in it for about a week before using it to clean. The herbs you use here can change depending on what your home needs. For example, you could use lavender for protection and peacefulness. Basil for wealth and to soothe tempers between lovers. Orange is good for luck and wealth (though NOT good for cats, so if you have kitties stay away from orange oil!). Mint is great for healing. Rosemary is generally cleansing, purification, and creates peace in marriages. This is a wonderful potion for wiping down counters, cleaning windows, and mopping. My favorite combination is lavender, sage, and lemon peel. Choose whatever herbs feel right for your needs and your space. Don't forget to ask each plant spirits, ask each plant to help you with whatever your goals are in your home.


Magickal Floor 

Sweeping has long been used by witches as a way of cleansing the home magically and while some witches will tell you to reserve a broom (besom) for the magickal task and to sweep just above the floor to properly cleanse the area I just do it all at once. Who has time to sweep twice? We're working toward marrying our magick with our mundane tasks here right?!?! I can do the same magical task with intent and focus while I’m also cleaning up crumbs and pet hair. 

Vacuuming is perhaps a less common way to tidy up the energy of a room, but  it works just as well as sweeping does. Make sure that when you empty the vacuum bag or dustpan that you take that trash outside to make sure you're not just shuffling energy around in the house. 

Mopping is another excellent mundane cleaning task for witches, especially when it comes to entryways and exits to the house. In addition to picking dirt up off of your floor, the mop water can be charged and used to lay down spells. I like using herbs for my mop water similar to the spray mentioned above, but once a year in the spring I mop with sun charged water to bring the vibrant spring/summer energy into my house and once a year in the fall I mop with moon charged water to welcome the introspective fall/winter energy in. Florida water is also an excellent and very traditional addition to mop water for cleansing and purifying.


Doors & Windows

Doors and windows are important, they protect our homes from the unwanted and welcome us in everyday. I like to add cinnamon to my cleaning potion for my doors and windows. This adds protection, success, and healing to my space. 

If possible, when you are cleaning your house you should keep those windows open. This allows fresh air to circulate into your home, and it creates an outlet for all the stagnant energy that you’ll be stirring up. Doors can be left open as well if you aren’t worried about people or pets getting in or out. Obviously, this isn’t something you can do all the time, but just even cracking a window open a bit is a good idea when you're in that room.

During and immediately after cleaning is an excellent time to place sigils on doors and windows as well. 

Hopefully these little tips help to make your mundane cleaning tasks a little more magickal...and fun!

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