Coffee Across the World and the Magick it holds.

This morning I had coffee at Las Vistas Beach - Tenerife with a
splendid view of the white sand beach from the coast of Arona.
Okay, not really....but sort of! I have coffee a different place each morning across the world. What?!?! Yep, truth! How you ask? Well, this is going to sound maybe a bit funny but I use the live webcam streams available online to enjoy my morning brew where ever I'd like each morning. See, I think that self care is MOST important and this is a little piece of it for me. The internet can transport me to anywhere in the world really....isn't that magickal?!?! It's part of my morning magickal ritual. Here is how I place it into my morning ritual....
I wake up, thank the universe for another day and get outta bed. Head to the kitchen and create my morning brew. Once the mug of the morning has been chosen (you all know I have a major mug addiction), I pour my brew and stir intention into it even though I drink it black. Then I think of my affirmation of the morning (what do I want to accomplish today or support that I've already started previously), write it down, and proceed to find where I'm having coffee this morning. I click on it, make it full screen, and sit back and relax as I get to enjoy the sights (and often times sounds) of far away places. I actually put myself in those places. What does it sound like, what does the air smell like, feel the breeze or temp on my skin, feel the sand under my feet....ya know....put yourself there. Use your manifesting skills with this. If you're looking to manifest success FEEL that you're at the point AFTER you've achieved whatever it is. Maybe sitting on the deck of your muli-million dollar home on the beach. 😉 I may sit for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or a half hour depending on the time I have that morning. But when I know that I'm about done with my time I close my eyes and say my affirmation out loud three times. I then light a birthday candle upon my altar (but you can do it safety though!) and place the piece of paper to the flame and drop it into my cauldron with a "And So It Is!". Every morning I do this because every morning I am going to have my computer or phone available, a birthday candle, piece of paper, and writing utensil will be available to me either in my home or in my travel altar (Coven sisters.... we all have these in our travel altars right?!?! ) 😁
That means that before my day has even started really I've already given thanks and set the magickal energies into motion in three ways. Gratitude, Visualization with Affirmation, and Spell Cast.
Who said being a witch is hard, expensive, or time consuming?!?! Not this witch!! That's what I DO so that's what I TEACH others to do as well. Marry your magickal into your mundane and live a magickal life every single day. <3
If you decide to try this, I'd love to see your views!! <3

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