First Comes Connection, Then Comes Magick

Okay witches. We're powerful, this we know. We can create all that we desire and require....but you have to know where to start.

So where do you start? Well, I'm coming to the total realization that the beginning of starting from within is something that new path-walkers sometimes feel will come after the magick starts. That's simply not the way it works.

You all know that I always say that you do not need any tools to perform the most powerful magick of all. Why? Because the magick IS's not within you.  Okay, so what the heck does that even mean right? 

When you work on the inner self first, the connection that you feel to your calling, and the connection that we all know that lies within the 'in-between' stuff...that's when your intuition will come forth and allow you even more knowledge, understanding, and connection.  You can't force it, you can't wish it, and you can't even buy it. You have to CREATE it from within the depths of you. You have to want it, you have to work towards it, and you have to understand the basic flow of it. 

Your connection to your spiritual self begins in the desire to to so. It's that simple to start, but then the rest takes time....a natural course that must be occur.  This is where I've found a passion of mine to be. To help others to open their intuition, their personal connection to the universal energy flow. To see a person progress along as their intuition opens and all the messages, information, and guidance comes spilling into their life is amazing. To recognize the changes within not only their lives, but their spirit...their being....their true self, is like nothing else I can compare it to. Pure joy and elation for all of those involved for sure!

Now, that doesn't mean that those practicing their Craft who are not open to their intuition aren't powerful...not at all what I'm saying! I'm simply saying that, in my opinion, there is a great need to be connected to whatever it is that you decide to call that connection.  When you learn and practice your Craft along side learning and practicing using your intuition, your ability to just know what will work and what to do next just comes. There's no forcing it, no Googling it, no wondering if your spell is working. The evidence of it all is presented to you without hesitation. 

Your spirit team wants you to succeed in life. Wants to see you be your most authentic, powerful, animated self! So take some time when you're starting out (or need to be reminded) to understand that YOU are the magick in your Craft and that the connections you develop with your spirit team only enhance your abilities.

Keep it magickal out there!!



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