Dark Half of the Year, Ghosts, and Rest

Firstly....It's the autumn equinox so Happy Mabon if you're a Wheel of the Year celebrator.

I'm personally happy to see the cooler season approaching in my area. It is my favorite time of the year! The leaves begin to offer to us gorgeous colors to see and my mind turns to warm cider, hot chocolate, and ghosts. Wait...what?!?

Yep, we're into the dark half of the year (in my area) and that means cooler temps and more spirit activity. The distinction between the physical and spirit realms becomes thinner this time of year, just as it does in the spring (Beltane) so that means that spirit activity and interaction tend to peak at these times. It seems to always become more noticeable in October when the Spookiness of Halloween (Samhain) comes around. I think people just tend to share their stories more around that time due to the season as compared to within the brightness of spring. 

So you might begin to notice now through mid-November that the messages, signs, and interactions of your surrounding spirit family come through a bit more. Enjoy it! If you're looking to really open up your intuitive gifts to allow your connection to flow all the time, be sure to check out my course Discover Your Intuition. It will bring you through the process that YOU need to discover and develop your personal psychic and mediumship skills.  

So what else is the dark half of the year all about? Well, it's a time of rest. A time of contemplation. A time of planning. A time of self-care. Yep...that's why it's so nice to be able to snuggle down in a fleece blanket and just enjoy the moment in time! It's a time to slow down physically but to rev up mentally, in a good way! Taking the time to see where you're at, where you want to be going, and what you need to do in the mundane and magickal sense to get yourself where you want to be. 

So we're forming the seeds now that we plan to plant, or put into action, in the spring. And we get to do that with yummy warm drinks and flickering fires. Oh, if you don't have a fireplace to sit by just search Youtube for 'fireplaces' and boom...like magick you'll have one! 

These are a few of the things that make it my favorite time of the year. I really do appreciate the slow-down, the cooler temps, the higher spirit interaction, and Hocus Pocus of course!! 

Have a wonderfully magickal day and season! 

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