Dark Moon Information

Spiritual Meaning of the New Moon

The new phase of the moon is a great time for planning and planting your intentions. 🌱 Seedlings need a gestation period before breaking through the soil and reaching sunlight. The same applies to our ideas and visions. Clear the way for your desires to spring to surface and manifest....to become a new reality.

Whether you’re a Green Witch or just have a few succulents in the back yard, this is an opportunity to sow, plant, and harvest old crops. 

Instead of casting a spell in the New Moon, use this time to establish a mindset for the lunar cycle that begins today. Meditate and visualize what you want to achieve. Focus on fresh daily routines, start new activities and fun projects. 

This is the first phase of the lunar cycle. It starts when the moon is invisible (this state lasts for one day and is also known as a Dark Moon) because it rests between the Sun and the Earth. On the following days, the moon slowly begins to appear in the sky. The energy of the Dark / New moon is associated with introspection, self-analysis and reflection on ourselves. An opportunity for a fresh start and a New You.  

What to do during the New Moon

The energies of this Moon phase aren’t really going to increase your powers of Manifestation. Instead of casting a spell in the New Moon use this time to establish a general intention for the lunar cycle that begins today. Work on your personal space: clean your ritual area, start or decorate your journal or book of shadows, look up information that you may use for any upcoming spells, or take a cleansing bath. Meditate on your wishes and desires, but also on your doubts and fears. Plan and think about everything you want to conceive and achieve during the next 28 days!

Some of the best spells to try during the New Moon are:

  • Good Luck Spells
  • Protection Spells 
  • Banishing & Removal Spells 

Most of all, make it a time of a little self care. This will pay off all through the month for you in your energy and magick.


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