Dark to New Moon Self Care Rituals

Ah, the new moon. Who doesn't love a restart and that's exactly what you could choose to do during the Dark to New Moon phase. The new moon welcomes a fresh start, a blank page for us all. It marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and is viewed as a rebirth, or a reset, with unlimited possibilities. This is the perfect time to truly think about what intentions you’d like to set, manifest, work on, or create for the new cycle. This is the time to write down your goals, plant seeds, tend to plants, and banish what no longer serves you, or what you no longer want to carry with you. Self-reflect and look back on the past few weeks or month with an open mind as you begin to set intentions for the cycle ahead.

The dark moon is when there is no moonlight in the sky....the moon is dark. This is the time of somber, contemplation, planning, and shadow work.

The witches' new moon is when you see that first sliver of light in the sky following the dark moon and this is a time to take action for the upcoming cycle!

Self care is important in all moon phases for everyone, but the dark to new moon tends to be a time when we feel the restfulness of the moon's energy and therefore take a little break ourselves. I thought this week I'd share some self care rituals that you may want to try on the upcoming New Moon.

The new moon’s energy is strongest on the day of, but it can also be felt two days before and two days after. Here are some simple self-care rituals you can practice during these times. Have fun with it!

Self Care New Moon Rituals

  • Intention Setting Candle Ritual
    • Use a white candle for newness and purity. You can also use a colored candle that corresponds with what your goal or intention is. For example: red for love, green for money, blue for health, yellow for joy.
    • Using a toothpick, knife or athame, carve your goal into the candle. Remember to be realistic – chances are, you won’t become a millionaire overnight – make sure your goals are reasonable. To carve - you can use a word, multiple words, full sentences, or symbols to represent your intention.
    • Before lighting the candle, sit with the it for a moment and visualize this goal coming to life. Perhaps meditate with it.
    • Once you feel ready, go ahead and light the candle. Let it burn all the way down.
  • Burning Release Ritual
    • Take a piece a paper and write down 1-3 things that you no longer want to carry with you into the next lunar cycle. This could be a bad habit, negative thought pattern, or something that you feel holds you back.
    • Take the paper and burn it in a safe place, like a fireplace or a fire-safe cauldron or bowl. Watch as the smoke rises, burning away and releasing into the universe.
    • If you can, toss the ashes into the wind and watch them drift away.

  • Banishing Candle Ritual
    • Just as you would use the burning ritual to release, you should also use this time to banish negative energy.
    • Take a black candle, as black is best for protection and banishment purposes.
    • Take a moment and truly feel all of the negativity energy you have within you. Visualize this energy leaving your body and going into the candle. Let the candle collect and hold all of that energy for you.
    • If you’d like, you can carve words or symbols that represent what you want to banish into the candle.
    • Light the candle and let it burn all the way down, as it melts watch it deplete all of the negative energy that you poured into it.
  • Cleanse Your Space
    • Use sage or other herbal incense to cleanse your home during this time. Make sure to get in the corners of each room and the doorways. 
    • You can also sprinkle sea salt or salt water around the boundaries of your home for an added barrier of protection.
  • Plant a seed
    • Take a seed of your choice and place it in your hands. Meditate with it and visualize your intentions for growth. Then plant it! The new moon energy is perfect for planting the seeds that will blossom beautifully, both in a physical and metaphorical sense. Take care of it, and as this seed grows, so will you.
  • Give yourself a tarot reading
    • Pulling tarot cards during the new moon is a way to start fresh and gain a sense of what lies ahead for this moon cycle. You may be able to glean insight into what you can manifest, where your focus should be, and what you can do to promote healing.
  • Decorate an altar or space to honor the new moon
    • You can decorate your altar, or set up a new altar or space for yourself that will bring you peace whenever you’re near it. This space will allow you to work with the energy of the new moon and other lunar phases. A small table, a shelf on a bookcase, or even a dresser drawer will work just fine if you’re tight on space.
    • To decorate your altar for the new moon you can include items like:
      • White candles for newness and purity and black candles for protection.
      • Any crystals you feel connected to. Great ones for the new moon are smoky quartz or obsidian, both for grounding, protection, and dissipating negativity. Howlite will help you receive messages from the universe. Citrine is for new beginnings, and attracts abundance and positivity. Clear quartz is for meditation, centering, and cleansing. Amethyst will help you connect to your intuition and third eye chakra.
      • Any or all aces in a tarot deck, and/or an oracle or tarot card that corresponds to what your goals are for this cycle.
      • Flowers or plants.

If you’re unable to do one of the rituals above, or are looking for something simpler, try these:

Take a calming bath, make a vision board, organize and clean your space, set new healthy habits, write down all of your goals for the next cycle and put them in a jar, hone in on your third eye chakra, and practice self-care in ways that allow you to feel rejuvenated.

 Happy new moon to you! 

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