Eve of the Winter Solstice

We are on the Eve of the Solstice and it's time to make the time to sit, relax, and evaluate. Before we head off into the full swing of winter (oh how I hope there's lots of snow....at least for me) and the harshness of the weather sends us under snuggly blankets with warm mugs of whatever, be sure that you're ready with your 'game plan' for the cycle until spring blesses us once again. Contemplate, journal, make lists, visualize, or whatever it is that you do to prepare yourself for a shift....because it's coming. <3

Become aware of the magick the surrounds you, enjoy it, revel it, and be in awe of it. Let those you love and hold dear know that you're thinking of them, that they mean what they do to you. That is one of the greatest gifts to give.

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  • Leila on

    It is a magickal time of year. Reading this prompted me to look out of the window (it’s twilight) and look up at the stars. There were the two giants looking like the stardust they are and edging closer together. Tomorrow night they will be conjoined to our eyes.

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