Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse on the 4th of July...wowzers!

Tonight we have the Full Buck Moon with it's lunar eclipse. Plus it's on the 4th of July holiday for the United States! Hold onto your beer..... this month's Full Moon is going to be an energetic one for sure!

With it's lunar eclipse, which is the final of the three eclipses over the last cycle, it is packed with energies to help you transform, and to find and set your goals for the second half of 2020. 

With the first half of 2020 being a crazy mess for a lot of us, this energy to calm, quiet, and reflect while setting your new goals and choosing your transformation is a welcome feel.  Emotions may have been running all over the place for the last week or so (I'm not crying, you're crying) it's all coming to a smooth point that will bring you a sense of freedom from self inflicted boundaries and negative thought processes. The sky is the limit for you!

So what does that have to do with the 4th of July holiday? Nothing...it's just that the full moon already makes some people a bit more crazed and with the lunar eclipse it's stepping that up a notch. Now, add the (hopefully small and socially distanced) gatherings to that and BOOM.....it's a recipe for some fun police scanner listening late into the night. If that's your thing anyway. (and yes, there are free apps for scanners!)

So with this evening's moon comes some great energy and a time to redirect YOUR energies to where it can bring the most happiness and prosperity into your life. So take the time to decide what it is that you're looking to find or release from within and then make those intentions known. 

Earlier this week I posted a great BUCK FULL MOON RITUAL in my Witches Living a Magickal Life FB group. Feel free to head there and download that for yourself.

You can also grab a Lunar Eclipse Ritual and journal page there as well that you can use with any lunar eclipse. 


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