How are we like the tree?

This past Saturday was the circle membership's Witches with Wine. That is our monthly virtual gathering where we discuss the month's class and energies and whatever else is on our minds. 

I shared how I feel so much more in connection with the energies of transitions this time of this year. Even though Samhain / Halloween seemed a bit more subdued in celebration in general, the essence of the transition into the dark half of the year seems so much more profound to me. 

I have been enamored by the trees this season. The leaves changing and falling as well as the general power energy that I sense when I take into view a tree that has been growing for many years. The strength and endurance of all the years of weathering and yet it still stands tall, beautiful, majestic, and knowing it's purpose. 

Sure, it may have had a few branches break along the way, in fact, someone may have come along and cut away a branch that was diseased and toxic in order to save the core of it's health.

Sounds familiar to some of us I'm sure! 

I see this in relation to people in general. Where we decide or what we decide to take root in is often times decided by others. Ya know...that whole nature vs. nurture debate. ( more debates please!) along with the beliefs that we grew up with and such. 

But WE are in charge of how we weather the storms of life. How we choose to take care of our health, on physical, emotional, and mental levels. How we choose either dive into or repel from the dramas of life. How we choose to remove those from us that may put us in danger of compromising our soul spirit, our central health, our connection to life, and our Divine source. 

I always invite everyone to get to know your spirit team. To learn to speak their language of signs and metaphors. To dive into allowing them to be your guiding light when the storms roll into your life so that you can see the sunshine again and others can be enamored by your strength and the beauty of your inner light. 

Take a minute to day and just gaze at a tree. A big, healthy, burly, strong, beautiful tree. Imagine a face emerges within the bark and that it can talk to you. What does it need you to know about your personal power? When you need a little bit of courage or grounding, just remember that tree. It will lend it's power to you in those moments. 

I promise....this is the last of my ramblings about trees this year. At least out door trees. :)

I'd love to hear if you have found a special connection to trees or nature in general this year to be extra special! Leave a comment or post in the Witchful Ways Facebook group

For those of you in the US that celebrate, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. May your heart be lifted up with the Light in your life, even if there are shadows that challenge you.

With Blessings of Love,

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