How Do You Know When It's Spirit Messages?

Some people ask me how I know when spirit is coming through and how do I understand the messages. I have been dealing with spirit and messages since I can remember. That's a long time! I may not have understood that entire times exactly what it was, but it was always there looking back.
Anyway, you learn your own language with spirit and that language can be different for you than it is for anyone else. So for example...for the last two days I've had the song "This land is your land" stuck in my head. Everyone gets earworm songs stuck in their heads, that not that unusual. But THAT song is significant to me in that I used to hum/sing that song to both of my kids when they were babies as I was putting them to sleep. Bounce,pat a baby butt, and hum, ahhh, memories. The other song I used to sing / hum to them was "Man from Galilee"! Yes, a christian song but I listen to christian music quite frequently actually...I just replace the Jesus or God parts with my own terms. 🙂 topic.
So the song stuck in my head from the times I used to use it to sooth my babies means one of two things to me now when it gets stuck in my head. 1. Someone close is pregnant or just had a baby 2. Someone close is going through a turbulent issue (they need soothing). So how do I know which it is? This is when I turn to my guides and simply ask. See...the universe has "tuned me" into the message and now I've recognized that I'm receiving something.
Now I have to figure out what that something is if it's not clear to me. Meditation, Pendulum, Scrying, Spirit Dice, Tarot, and Spirit Board are all tools that I utilize to find that answer if need be. Sometimes it's just so clear that you wonder why you didn't see it in the first place before the message had to be sent to you via the universal frequency. Since this song does not come into my head at any other time SPONTANEOUSLY (that's the key) and get stuck there...I know it's a message. Do you see the same numbers frequently (and I'm NOT talking about the clock numbers of 11:11, 4:44, 3:33....ugh...drives me insane when people show me the time all the time but that's a whole different topic)? Messages are usually more "hidden" than that. Signs of a message I should say.
Maybe you see 465 on a license plate, and then a price sticker, and then a street number, and then the change that you receive back from McDonald's drive through....and you TAKE NOTICE and recognize that you've seen this number quite frequently over the last two or three hours, days, or weeks. Tune into it! What about that sequence of numbers is significant for you? Then it hits you....Oh! That's the last three numbers of my sister's telephone number. That's why it's so familiar. Your next step should be to call your sister! There is something that you need to know about or from her or that she needs to know from you that will come about during the conversation. Make sense?
You have to learn to recognize signs of messages in the beginning. It gets so much easier through the years and with practice of tuning into your signs. 🙂 ❤ Once you then learn to interact with spirit you will have endless knowledge right at your fingertips as to what the heck is going on with those around you since you will be able to simple ask and receive messages from spirit. But the first step is recognizing someone is trying to tell you something. Now go listen to Elvis singing Man from it!
I can't wait to share my Uncover Your Intuition course with you very soon where you will be able to fully understand the process of evolving yourself to become an intuitive channel, the methods to actually receive those messages and interact with your guides and spirit, and the ways that you can use that information. Coming Soon!!
UPDATE: The course is NOW AVAILABLE! Check out the website for more info!!

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