It's a Great Week for a New Moon

Can you feel it? Can you feel the discord and scattered energies? I think a lot of the world has the same feelings right now. No matter what side of what you're ever on or what opinions and perceptions you may have regarding a situation, issue, or circumstance there are always others that see it a different way than you do. And that's okay! They have different stakes in the game maybe or maybe they're not privy to the same information you have. So with that, I invite you to remember that you choose your path and only you control your actions and reactions (notice I didn't say response....that's totally different). Breathe in self control and breathe out love....we'll all breathe a lot easier that way. Other people's opinions about a matter shouldn't become their complete definition. 

This week we welcome a Dark and Witches' New Moon. Yay! With all that's going on in my inner and outer world, I sure as heck need a little bit of time to relax, draw inward, and assess where I'm at right now as I head into deeper into the new year. Dark Moon energies are perfect for this! Last week in the podcast episode I talked about what I do at the end of the year and how I like to examine my past year before diving into the new one. This New Moon is a GREAT time to set up a little 'self ritual' and do this for yourself. If you're like me you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll end up so full of gratitude that you'll just have to dance! Then when you're done with the reflection you hopefully are able to assess what it is that you want for yourself and your life a year from now and set some manifesting goals. Wednesday's podcast episode is going to be about one part of manifesting that I think we forget about doing just in time for the dark moon to be turning to the witches' new moon when we put all of our 'stuff' into action. 

I hope that you have the luxury to be able to take a little down time, get your favorite cuppa whatever it may be, and dive deeper into yourself and your amazing potential. 

Keep in mind that if you ever need any cheerleaders along your path, the amazing women in the Sister Circle are ready to support you and cheer you along!

Make it a magickal day my friends!!

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