It's Okay If You Don't Feel Anything From Your Crystals

First Things First...

It's Full Moon time rolling around once more and I'm offering the community cast as usual! Please SIGN UP for the $13 cast by clicking HERE. This cast will occur on August 22nd. I was having a discussion the other day about crystals and the person was fretting because they simply don't 'feel anything' from them. 


This put a doubt in her mind that she was a 'real' witch (whatever that means these days). 


I assured her that you do NOT need to connect with or feel anything from everything around you in order to be a powerful witch.... a real witch. :) 


Your craft is all about finding out what you connect to. It's about figuring out what has magickal energy to you and then learning how to utilize that connection in your practice. 


Maybe you don't feel anything from crystals, they're still pretty! Maybe you don't find that herbs do anything for you, they still make things taste delish. Maybe you don't ever feel like using forms of divination, your guides will still find a way to talk to you.


So if you're feeling like less than a witch because you can't relate to the experiences of others and how they are connecting to something they speak so amazingly about, know that you're not alone! There are plenty of other witches out there that feel exactly the same way as you.


Trust me when I say that you will eventually stumble across the things that you really connect with and it will all make perfect sense to you. 


For years I so wanted to be able to grow and work with plant energies. But the green gods did not want that to happen apparently as I was able to bring even cacti to their demise. 


About a year ago I was in the store and saw this beautiful plant. I wanted it, but I also didn't want to kill the thing! I picked it up about three times before I finally decided to put it into my cart. 


At home I found that this plant was really thriving! I was excited that I finally found one that I can work with. 


I thought maybe a fluke and got another of the same type. That one flourished too! I just added a third to the brood yesterday! (check them out at the bottom of the email)


So my point is, that even though I couldn't connect with other plants through the years, I have finally found one that I work well with. It only took 30 some-odd years, but happened!


So keep on trying all the things to find what resonates and works for and with you. 



What's my motto? That's right! You Do You Witchypoo!!


Have a Wonderfully Magickal Rest of Your Day!


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