Just a Question about Tarot vs. Oracle and my Answer

Question: I have a few Tarot decks but I'm seeing more about Oracle decks now. What's the difference and how do I use Oracle?
My answer: Tarot reading (by historical aspects) is a memorization of card meanings and developing the skills to put the spread into story for direct answers. This is why you'll see tarot decks all have the same number of cards and basically the same cards although the names of those cards may vary by deck. For example: One deck may have the two of cups and another may call it the two of bowls (if it's a dog deck) maybe. But they are both based on the Rider Waite deck's two of cups.
Oracle readings are more open and intuitive. Each deck will be totally created by it's author and meant to be used more intuitively for readings. Although the cards in the deck were created with meanings in mind by the author...they are meant to be interpreted more-so by the reader. The spreads used may be the same as a Tarot spread but it's just read more intuitively. What sticks out to you visually in this card or how does the card make you feel in each reading is the key in Oracle. One card can mean a totally different thing in one reading as compared to the next depending on what you're picking up on intuitively and what cards surround it.
Now, with all that being said....I read both Tarot and Oracle cards intuitively. That is why the decks I choose are very visual! I don't even look at the books that come with the decks anymore as I know it's better for me to just go through the cards and 'assign' my own meanings to them.
Hope that helps a bit! Again, you need to learn to read Tarot properly. There is not such thing with Oracle.

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