So you Wanna Be a Witch....So BE One!! I've gotta go off here on a tangent for a moment.

I saw an 'article' this morning that says....if you want to be a witch here's what you do. Okay, that's not the exact words, but that was the jist of it. Then there were five points that apparently, if you followed or did these, you could then call yourself a witch.

Wtf and Smh. 

So these things included:

Read everything you can!

Buy all the tools!  (oh, by the's my affiliate link to where it's sold)

Make sure you have all the right ingredients! (again, affiliate link)

Take a year to take the time to "level up" to high priestess. 

Be sure you know who to call upon in your spells.

Ugh.... like... ugh, ugh. 

Please keep in mind that this is my blog so it's all about my thing. :) Whether you align with my thinking or not, it's okay. We can still be friends!  

Here's my invitation... If you want to be a witch just BE one!

You don't NEED any tools, you FOR SURE don't need a year or a high priestess (unless you're following a Wiccan tradition, and even then, step into your power and call yourself a witch from day one sista or brotha)!! 

A witch is simply "One that practices the art of witchcraft".  Witchcraft carries NO belief system with it.

Uh comes an analogy! ;)

Think of witchcraft as a stranger standing all by it's little bitty self and then you come along and make friends with it. Great! You and witchcraft have a grand time together. Stirring up magick in any way you choose. 

Now, you can choose to play by yourselves just as happy as you are or you might decide that witchcraft will find your other friend (insert religion or spiritual beliefs here) to be wonderful to play with too. Either all three are separate beings working / playing together in unison and supporting each other all that you can.

You are a power house all on your own without expensive tools or ingredients. You are a power house because you're choosing to explore your inner self and align with your highest good, your higher power, and learn to bring it all into reality for yourself.  

I mean, of course I think that you should learn from other practitioners. Read, Google, Explore what others do. If you continue to just keep adding to your information stock-pile but never actually DO anything, then you're just wasting time learning what works for some other people! Keep in mind that experience is a true teacher however and it teaches you the best way for you. 

A witch evolves from a spark ignited from within. 

A witch revels in his or her magick.

YOU are magick and you need no one to tell you that! 

Now go and DO it. Be that amazing witch and proudly call out that you are one while casting with that amazing stick you found on your walk the other day! 

Leave the Merry Meets and Blessed Bes to those that choose that walk your own. 


Be sure that you're a part of the Witches Living a Magickal Life community so that you can surround yourself with like minded people who support you!

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