Manifesting in 2022

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Woo hoo! We are headed out of 2021 and into a brand spankin new year. It's exciting and full of possibilities, wonder, and hope.

What is common this time of year is setting resolutions. 

What is a resolution? Well, it's a goal backed by intention and action. Hey! Guess what....that's magick!! Yep! 

I always teach the formula: Intention + Action = Magick.

Sounds like a recipe for a resolution to me. While you're working toward the goal, you're in the process of manifesting it! Then when you receive or achieve it, you've brought it into your reality using magickal backing and mundane action. 

You set the intention, you took the action. You might have decided to take a daily walk (action - mundane) to get yourself healthier (intention) and all the while you're telling've got this, you can do this (action - magickal). You've got that formula down pat! Nice!! 

I bet you didn't even realize how powerful you were! 

When you're choosing your new goals for 2022, be sure to first evaluate those that you set for the year you're exiting too. 

What worked out? What didn't? 

What would you have done differently? 

What did you find you really didn't want once you started working toward it? What set you on fire?

Decide which, if any, you'll continue to work towards. I mean, some goals take years to manifest while others only a week or a few months. 

Release the ones that are no longer in alignment with what you are and do in the here and now. You're different now from a year ago!

Then write out your plan of action. You have to have a plan of action if you want real results in your manifesting. This is a great time to check in with your spirit team to tune into what they're telling you about your direction as well. 

Then once you have your plan....take the rest of the week and just enjoy the time. Don't stress over the past or the future, just BE and enjoy the here and now as you process through another transitional energy phase. 

I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your magickal team. It means the world to me that you allow me to fulfill my life's dream and purpose.

I wish you all the best in the upcoming new year!

Blessings of Love,


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