My Go To for Manifesting a Magickal Life

This morning as I sit with my coffee I think about what a great life the hubster and I provide for my animals. Two dogs, two cats, and two birds. These are my furbabies since my four kids are now all grown and out of the house.
 This is Tia lounging in bliss.
It is simply a repayment to them for the love they offer. There is nothing like the unconditional love that is given by them.
Then I think about how they just....are. There is no expectations of the day for them. It is what it is right? They have total and complete ease and flow knowing that their needs will be met.
Then it hits me. THAT is exactly the magickal mindset that I allow for myself. Right now is what it is and I am absolutely in the ease and flow of knowing that Universe, God, One, All, or whatever you decide to call it will provide for me. This IS Living a Magickal Life!!
I know that before I started to put into place my practices that allow me to remain in that ease and flow state, it was hard. Like haaaard sometimes! Life gets overwhelming and before you know it, you're looking around wondering what the heck you're doing and how did you get to this state of chaos in life. Ugh, I remember that well. 
I know that the first thing that I did, and that I invite my students to do, is to begin to count your blessings each day. Seriously, it's one of the major manifesting steps and will have a profound effect on your daily life when you put it into habit. 
Great, but how do I do that you might ask. Well, what I'd like you to do is take three minutes each day to write down all the things that you HAVE NOW in your life and that you HAVE HAD in your life that you are grateful for. List all that you can think of and write down in three minutes. Maybe you were grateful for the way your parents raised you, or maybe for the gift of your first car, or maybe even for being in the right place at the right time to find that $50 on the sidewalk that one time. Then when your three minutes are up, just look over once more what you've written. How much good stuff you've had and have now. THAT is a state of graciousness that you can find yourself living in when you put this into daily practice. THAT is the state of living that simply aligns you to all the goodness, success, and prosperity that universe has to offer. It just flows to you! 
Now, eventually you will be able to simply sit for those few moments and think of all the wonderful things, but some like to continue to write them out. As I always do you witchypoo. 
Deep breath in.....and out. I am so blessed today and every day, and so are you.
Maybe the secret is to live like a furbaby for a day?!?!
Make it a wonderfully magickal day today my friends!

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