Release those Fears with Tea Time

Take time to relax and chase away those fears and worries all while enjoying your favorite tea! Here's how I do it:
Focus your energy as you place your tea/coffee leaves or bag into your cup.
Pour boiling water over the leaves and imagine the steam carrying away any troubles, fears, or upsetting thoughts you may have.
Sit quietly while holding your tea and let the heat seep into your skin and deep into your bones.
Allow this warmth coming through your cup to chase away any fears or sadness that you are carrying inside you- acknowledge these things, then let them go. This means actually think about them but only allow yourself one to three minutes and then let your last thought about the issue be one of releasing....even if just for that day. I do this by thinking to myself "Okay, done worrying and over analyzing that one. Be gone with you for now".
As you sip your drink, imagine the heat you feel as the love and care from Source, supporting you.
Deep breaths through your nose, hold each breath like a gift, then slowly release it through your mouth, giving back to the world.
When your cup is empty, dispose of the leaves/bag (in an eco-friendly way such as composting if you can!) and feel it as an act of release, of returning the leaves back to their place in nature. 
You could do this with coffee or lemon water as well if you're not a tea drinker. It's not so much about the tea as it is the intent of using the warm as a trigger to release.

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