The pentacle has plenty of different interpretations of meaning and use depending on who you ask. For me, it represents Nature (Four Elements + Spirit) and a symbol of elemental protection. 
I often times use the pentacle in my spellwork or for protection in a certain situation. You can simply print one out (feel free to print the one here) and place it on your altar for use or you can use it in your spellwork by printing it and writing on the paper....then, as we witches like to do....burn it!
If there is a certain situation you need protection from, use the back of the printed, cut out pentacle to write your needs. Write your desired outcome from the situation as well. Place it on your altar, burn your candle upon it, or place it in your spellbag or jar!
If there is a situation that causes you fear or anxiety, use the back (or front) to write out those fears and anxieties and then release them by burning or by way of water.
So many different ways to use the printed pentacle in your practice. Your imagination is the limit!

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