The Winter Storm Brought Quiet and Contemplation as well.

It was an eventful past week for me. First I was able to connect with my physical sister circle for three days over the full moon. It was  a great time and I have some amazing magickals listing from this engagement.


I then enjoyed sitting through a great snow storm this past weekend. You all know how much I love the snow! 


Several inches fell (about 8 inches so far as I typed this) and I am loving every inch of it! 


That meant that eventually we had to go outside to remove this winter wonderland from the porch and sidewalk. As I did that I realized just how quiet the day can be. When people are settled inside and the traffic ceases. When the birds go silent and the air seems to simply pause. What a great time to take a moment and connect with it all! 


Whether you connect with the energy of the season or the spirits that surround us, it only took that bit of silence to make aware once again about how the hustle and bustle of daily life can impede our connections. 


That made me put down the shovel and plop into the snow for a good snow angel creation followed by a few minutes of just laying there, looking at the sky, and feeling the energies from above and below me. A wonderful storm indeed.  


So I just wanted to give a gentle invitation to you to give yourself that little bit of silence now and again to improve your personal connections. Be sure you're plugging into your GPS daily! (That's grounding, protecting, and shielding for those that are newer here). :)


My Discover Your Intuition course is a great place to start to learn how to open yourself up to your personal intuitive skills and develop your connection and relationships with your guides. 

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