Things To Do for an Amazing New Year.

So we are the week of the winter solstice, Yule Season, and Christmas. There's a lot of twinkling lights in my area which is amazing. I hope you’re loving it all! 

The following are snippits from this week's Witchful Ways Podcast.

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This week I want to talk a little about something that I do every year that has really made a difference in how I plan my upcoming year. If you're not planning your upcoming year, you're just kind of floating down the river of life rather than using the paddles to give direction to get to your destination. 

We all set goals. Things we want to achieve and/or receive. When we make New Year's resolutions we're basically setting goals for ourselves. We're giving intention to our goals… what we want to occur and happen that's what those resolutions are. What is it that you want? 

I always suggest that you plan out your new year. One of the things that I do is sit back and evaluate what I achieved and received in this past year. 

I think having a goal and a plan for the next year is something that is vital in your forward progress in all aspects of your life and especially when you're manifesting things.

I'm going to share something that I do every year and I invite everyone to do it. 

One, is to sit down and and evaluate this past year. We're just past the full moon we're still kind of in that full moon vibe happening right those energies are still hitting us up right now so there's a lot of change that happens. There's a lot of transformation that happens. There's a lot of expectation that comes up. There should also be a lot of evaluation about where you are and what you've been through to get to where you're at now. So sitting down and evaluating what is it that you were really drawn to what and what are my guides and spirit telling me that I need to be focusing attention on. Personally I've been very pulled to in the last couple months to dive into learning numerology. With a lot of things like astrology, numerology, and witchcraft, we know enough to connect with it and utilize it but if you really dive deep if you really go into mastering something huge changes happen in your life!

I've spent years working with the energies for spellcasting and manifesting. I have that mastered. It is down to what I would consider a science for me. I know the steps, I know what needs to be done, and I know what order they need to go into for me to manifest what it is that I want. That's why the second thing that I'm doing in 2022 is opening my Manifesting with M.A.G.I.C.K course. Manifesting with M.A.G.I.C.K to share those steps with you because it has done so much for me. My point in being a teacher is to be able to share with other people those experiences and that knowledge. 

It's not cookie cutter but I know that these are the steps. You need to fine tune for you, but these are the steps. 

The third thing that I'm going to be doing is picking my theme of the year or word of the year and that is something that usually is brought on again by having focus drawn to it through meditation or a spirit message. I've been doing this for years now and it’s made an impact every single year. 

Towards the end of the calendar year my focus and attention turns again to evaluation. What do I need to be doing for the next year. How do I need to be growing. Who did I touch, and what did I do. What did I love to do and what did I totally dislike that I'm not going to bring that into the new year with me. 

Then I sit down and look for a theme of something that I see for myself that I need to work on, explore, or dive into. I then choose a word that aligns with that theme. For me this year it is simplify. That's my word. Simplify. 

Let me know in the comments what your word of the year is! 

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