What falling leaves taught me.

If you caught my video post on FB yesterday, you saw leaves falling like rain off of my neighbor's tree.

I was in awe when I saw it. The whole thing was beautiful and amazing....and made me think.

First, it's amazing that every cycle for that tree each year brings such beauty. Trees are pretty amazing.

Second, that tree's cycles are reflected in our own energies and cycles as well. Which, in turn, are reflected in the cycles of the Universe. 

Pretty deep to think about right?

But here's the main thought brought to my attention in that moment....

Here we are, in the depths of moving into the darkness (meaning the dark half of the year and Samhain) and yet there is the brightness of the colors all around. The leaves don't turn brown on the trees, but they release onto the ground where there is still beauty in them and joy to behold of them. The tree takes it's energy back to it's roots and waits. It waits for the perfect time to release the energy to sprout leaves once again. 

Doesn't that reflect a perception of death? There is beauty in the passing, in the journey of departure, where you get to fly free and release your spirit, your core self, from the physical restraints you've been aware of. Those physical remains degrade and decompose. Then you rest until your next cycle starts. 

Who is to say that the life energy within the leaves that come again to the tree in the spring are not the same ones that left last fall? Maybe they're just on a different branch of that tree or a tree of the same type down the road that it's fall leaf was blown to that allows them to have a completely different experience and view.  

Now if we take that a step further into universal perception we can get really deep into thought of reflection....but I'll spare you a novel of an email. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this though! Reply to this email (I read every single one although I may not respond to each one) or post your thoughts in the Witchful Ways FB group or the Magickal Circle Membership group if you're on social media.

How did this relate to today? Well, we are in the Dark to New Moon phase right now. This is a time of allowing things that we not longer need to fall away from us. A perfect moon energy to reflect on what you've accomplished up to this point and move into planning for what's to come. A time to take your energy back into your roots! 


The casts for this dark to new moon phase for those in the Spell Cast Membership occurs this evening through Saturday: 

This service is for opening your roads and doors, clearing obstacles out of your path. Road opening is one of the most important maintenance workings you can do and should be done regularly. Clearing obstacles out of your path makes forward movement flow once again. Releasing the things that are holding you back mentally or emotionally will encourage and support you to resume your regularly scheduled life path filled with happiness and optimism.


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I hope that you have a wonderfully magickal rest of your day and are able to sink into the power of this dark to new moon phase as it holds tremendous energies!



P.S. A new podcast episode released in case you missed it! Click HERE to listen.

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