What is my Spirit Guide's Name?

What's my spirit guide's name?
This is a question that is asked pretty frequently. Let's chat about it....
The thing with spirit guides is that they don’t really have shape or form in their plane of existence, and they don’t actually have what we would consider names. However, we as humans, with human minds, tend to need (or at least work best with) form and names/labels to help us to connect to things including spirit guides. It’s amazing how spirit guides will present themselves or how you may perceive them when you start connecting with yours. Some see their spirit guides in full detail while others see only shadows or shapes. Remember, that you may not see them with your physical eyes as much as with your mind's eye (what I like to call your mystical eyes). As long as the connection is there, you’re doing good!
While the guides don’t actually have names, the majority of the time you can ask for one and hear a name. Some won’t receive anything and that's okay. You can assign names to them! They're perfectly happy with whatever you choose to call them really. Using their names will help bring a stronger connection to them, and in turn, a more efficient communication. All you have to do is ask—they’ll tell you. If they don’t, simply ask, “May I call you ______?” and assign them a name.
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