Why Didn't I Think of That?


Every time we have to take Tia (my dog) to the vet she goes spasmatic in the car because she can't be in 'her daddy's lap' for the ride. 


My hubster drives every where we go, it's just always been like that.


Telling a friend this the other day she replied: Why don't you just drive and let him sit with her in the passenger seat. 


I was dumbfounded. Why, in seven years time, had I not thought of that?!?! Had WE not thought of that! 


Then as I thought more about it, it made me realize that two things hold truth in living a magickal life.


1. If you have conversations you're bound to have someone see things differently than you. You can get a wonderful outside perspective.


2. When you adjust what has become a habit, new ease and flow is possible in life and in manifesting.


Let me expand on that thought. 


A simple conversation with a friend brought about this ah-ha moment. I didn't think of it previously...not because I'm dumb....but because it has always been that my hubby drives everywhere. Why? It just is that way. 


A simple switch to a new way of doing something so simple lead to such an extreme change in the situation! What was a dreaded issue has become such a simple thing now. 


Everyone is calm and can enjoy the ride. (see how much Tia loves that ride below).


This is why I love the Circle Membership and the FB Group. We have chat sessions where we support each other and offer advice from a loving, outside perspective among all the other good stuff.


I've closed the doors to the membership for now. 


They will re-open the last week of October with new and exciting benefits! You'll hear more about that in time though. 


Right now...be sure to connect in the Living a Magickal Life #LML Facebook Group if you facebook! There are lots of ah-mazing people in there...your kinda people! :)


Oh, and if you're looking for first peeks a the Magickals and Companions I offer be sure to join the Witchful Ways VIP Shoppers group too!


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