Why not create a Sigil for your 2021!

How about creating a Sigil for your 2021? OOoooo.
Sigils on candles are one of my favorite types of magick to perform. Something about carving into that wax or drawing on that candle holder is extreme to me.
In the Sister Circle membership during this past full moon gathering we worked with Divine Feminine to bring a word of the year to us. Something that we could use in 2021 to keep us focused on a goal or a change we wanted to make or simply to give us a theme for the upcoming year to consider.
Then during my New Year's ritual I was presented with the urge to create a 2021 Sigil. Yeah...great idea right? A sigil can encompass SO much so it was a perfect idea for me. This sigil now carries special meaning and power to keep me aligned, focused, and gracious all year long.
I personally plan to paint my sigil on a glass container candle (think tall 7 day candle) and mark it for 12 equal burns over 2021. I believe I'll choose to do this on the New Moons for myself, but you could choose to use your sigil in any way you'd like!
How to Use a Year Sigil:

Ideas for use:
– Put on a candle (using your preferred choice of color to influence the year) and burn on the Full Moons, New Moons, or on a monthly basis to check in with your year.

– Place on your altar or other place of focus (screensaver of phone or tablet) for meditation

– Anoint on the body with a blessing oil

– Use blessed water, salt, or smoke to invigorate the front door of your home with the sigil energy.
If you'd like information on how to create 'regular' sigils for every day magickal use be sure to visit my Living a Magickal Life Facebook group where it's explained how to create and activate a sigil within the files section! 

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