Your Home IS your altar.

Okay, lets chat about altars for a moment.

Some of us have altars that 'stay up' all the time. Some of us have altars that are set up only for a period of time. I am included in the first type. That one altar is where I conduct ALL my magickal workings indoors. I also have an outdoor area where ALL my outdoor magickal workings are conducted. So I guess I actually have two altars then...and outdoor and an indoor. These are working altars. Again, where ALL of my magickal workings are prepared, conducted, and completed. 

Now, some of us have several altars. Maybe one area for honoring deity (notice how I did NOT use the word worship), one for honoring ancestors, one for working, and one for the season. That's okay too! Remember that there is no right and no wrong way to do any of it....there is only your way and that way is perfect! You may find through your seasons as a witch that your desire to have one up, not to have one up, to have several, or to have a dedicated altar ebb and flow like the universal energy. 

As you know, I'm a witch of simplicity. Sometimes on the verge of slazy (lazy but still slayin') in my mundane life. Years ago I realized that for me, having one working area is best and suits my magickal life perfectly. Okay, two with the outdoor area included. I also realized long ago that the entire home is an altar!! WHAT?!?! Yep! Hear me out....

Think about what you place into your home for decor. You already tend to group decor into groups in places right? Making a bit of a 'look' to a room or area within a room. Well, you can incorporate your most magickal decor and items into your whole house, thereby creating a whole home altar. Magickal right?!?!

For example, placing your family pictures on the fireplace mantel or on one pretty table in a room and setting a lovely scented candle or wax warmer on it as well which can be lit anytime to give a little thank you and honor to those that are no longer with you. Carve a sigil into that placed candle and're really steppin' up your witchy game there! ;) 

Find a pretty wooden spoon and decorate it ritually with symbols or sigils that represent and support you as a kitchen witch and hang it as decor in your kitchen. No one would be the wiser!

Add a little stone carving or stones themselves into your potted plants to invite the fae. Just a cute addition to those that are none-the-wiser.

Choose pretty statues or crystal specimens to employ as your Wards and place them in your home to offer outstanding protection and support. No one is going to question pretties displayed!

You can perform whole house cleansings (not too often though remember!) to cover all of your magickal areas or choose to perform area cleansings every now and again just to the designated magickal spaces. 

Your altar is an extension of you and should represent you in the best way possible. Your home is the same! Your safe space, your space to really be at ease and open. So marry the mundane to the magickal and watch the changes that happen overall! Once you employ your whole house as a altar you just can't help but feel the magick all around you.

And yes, you can make temporary altars within your home with your decor as well! Especially this time of year. You may want to call upon the attributes of a certain goddess this time of year for example. Choose an area and place all the fun, spooky, black and sparkly (is always a suggestion from me) things there for now as you work with her during the Samhain Season. ;) 


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