Justice spelled candle
Justice spelled candle
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Justice spelled candle

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I have placed great energies into the creation of these candles to allow you Swift and actionable justice.

When there is someone that is causing you ill will, harm, carries malicious intent, or is bringing any type of negative attention to you the magic within this candle burning will give karma a kick start, stop gossip, and place directed energies towards the person(s) to make them soften and back off or cease their actions.

Each has a black tourmaline and rose quartz to support and assist in the magick of the candle. You may choose to keep these stones as protection talismans once your candle is spent.

YOU MAY USE THIS CANDLE FOR MORE THAN ONE SITUATION. Be sure to use the candle for AT LEAST one hour for three days in a row for EACH situation however....although you may choose to 'super boost' one situation by using the candle daily until it is burned down.

The metal mugs have been cast with protection as well and are great to use as a change catcher to protect your finances, or a small plant pot after your candle is burned. Whatever you choose to do with it, it will continue to serve you magickally.