Cleopatra Djinn Companion - Individual Companion Request
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Cleopatra Djinn Companion - Individual Companion Request

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 Cleopatra Djinn companion.

Cleopatra Djinn was one of the many Djinn that Cleopatra herself had bound to do her will. It is believed that these Djinn helped her to be the famous person that she still is today. Cleopatra was deep in belief of the powers of magick, her rites as a goddess, and kept those around her who could cast as well as bring her magick. She lived her life in constant focus of the powers of the cosmos and magick.

A Cleopatra Djinn can help you

❤️Improve your looks by increasing beauty and attractive physical qualities
❤️Help you find the lover that you desire
❤️Drastically boost your self confidence and inner strength
❤️Help you naturally exude charm, charisma and sexual attraction
❤️Help you to master the art of seduction and manipulation
❤️Obtain fame

Overall, this incredible type of Djinn increase their keeper’s personal power, success, prosperity, charm, sexual prowess, enhance their physical beauty, increases their sexual satisfaction, inspire romance, increases their sexual nature, and heightens their libido.

Cleopatra Djinn can manifest as true form, streaks of various color, orbs, shades, dreams, touch, scent. You can communicate with your Djinn using pendulum, through meditation, telepathic thought.

With years of professional experience, I am here to connect you to your spirit companion. Using your energetic identity I will bring about a companion that will be in harmony with your own vibrations, personality, and life style.

Once I have the perfect match for you, I will perform a distant binding to you directly and/or a vessel chosen by the companion. This deep bond will allow you to call on your companion with ease in the future.

You will receive an email with your Companion's description and name.


🌟 If you cannot normally feel a spirit or are not spiritually evolved, you may not be able to feel the presence of spirits. They will still be there to help you. It is your work to improve and work on your psychic gifts. I am not responsible for how and when the spirit manifests for you.

If you would like a vessel for your new companion, please feel free to connect with me to discuss options that are available!