ENERGY Room Old English
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ENERGY Room Old English

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This magickal room looks and feels slightly like old time England. The smell is of sweet cherries and cream, or is it grandpas old pipe?...... (full description to buyer only).

Your new scared space offers you the ability to receive Distance Reiki from me and continued energy flow from Source for Tranquility and Rejuvenation. This is essential for moving forward past blockages and for being able to keep your physical, mental, and energetic bodies in alignment and clear of physical world 'distractions' so you can achieve or receive what it is you desire. 

This room also brings with it a Room Spirit Companion that remains in that created astral space to support and work with you while you place yourself in the room. This room's spirit (name given to buyer only) brings to you the support and ability to open your intuition and connect to the Other Side for guidance, messages, and insight. Working divination tools while placing yourself in this room becomes effortless, more predictable, and more accurate. The opening of your intuition remains with you when you are outside of the room as well. 

You will only need have the instructions which includes an entrance and activation phrase created specific for the room. Once you have activated the room, it will allow your energy to 'enter' and merge with it's magickal intention energies and any spirit assistance that is offered as well. You will need access to the picture of the room in electronic or printed form to look at for the the first three times of entry. 

Each energy room is created for one person only and will be tied to your personal energetic body before your instructions are sent.  You will receive your room's full picture (not blocked as shown), full description of the room, and instructions with the entrance / activation phrase that again will work ONLY FOR YOU within 24 hours of purchase.
ENERGY ROOMS are here! What is that you ask? I'm so glad you did....
I've been offering Distance Reiki (energy healing) for years, but now I've taken it a step further and after lots of trial and testing it's ready to offer to my online community.
Distance Reiki is when you receive an energy 'ball' that is created and sent specific for you. You can receive and 'absorb' this ball when you are ready on your own time schedule.
With keeping this same principle in mind, I have worked to bring not only the healing element to you, but an empowerment of source energy as well. These rooms are created by me through personal ritual in the astral with direct infusion to support their intentions and often times with added room spirits for assistance.


Distance Healing has the power to improve your overall health and wellbeing. You will feel a sense of having more energy and vitality while the healing is being received and your overall physical healing capacity will also increase through a boost to the immune system. In creating the distance healing "ball" that is created for you, I focus on healing for the following physical symptoms and conditions:

  • Stress and tension in your body;
  • Chronic fatigue and lack of energy;
  • Back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and other joint pains;
  • Organ health, including the brain, heart, liver, lungs and kidneys;
  • Digestive system health, including the stomach and intestines;
  • Illnesses related to the central and peripheral nervous systems;
  • Reproductive system illnesses;
  • Auto-immune conditions;
  • Cellular imbalances.



The Distance Healing helps to give you mental strength so that you are able to face life challenges with more confidence and calm. You will be able to manage stress in your life much better. There will be more lightness and ease within you as you conduct your everyday life activities, as well as feeling more positivity and love towards life. I will focus on healing the following mental and emotional symptoms and conditions:

  • Mental stress and tension;
  • Mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety;
  • Negative thought patterns and tendencies;
  • Emotional disturbances;
  • Feelings of separation and loneliness;
  • Lack of self-love or self-confidence;
  • Relationship trauma and abuse; 
  • Blockages and imbalances in the main energy centers (chakras). 



Distance Healing will awaken the dormant spiritual potential within you. It will also improve the quality of your spiritual practice and accelerate your spiritual growth. There will be a feeling of guidance and support to give you inner peace and to help you overcome obstacles on your journey. Other spiritual benefits include:

  • More peace, love and joy in your life;
  • Raising your overall vibration;
  • Developing spiritual strength to cope with life’s challenges;
  • Gaining wisdom and clarity for enlightenment;
  • Deepening your love and connection with the source and divinity within you;
  • Improving the quality of your meditation and concentration.