Spirit Companions

Find the perfect spirit companion to support and assist you on many levels and aspects of your life and self.

The companion's that are offered here are conjured from astral energy and may be connected directly to your energetic body and you may choose a communication vessel for focus of the connection. 


This came from a PM question from a member of my Facbook Group and I thought it was a great one so I wanted to share it here:

Q: Can I have too many spirits? I feel like I can't take care of all of them to the extent they need sometimes.
My answer: As for claiming spirits....I think you can never have too many!! My companions* are like energetic wishes of magick. They are an energy form that never needs to have thanks for what they bring to you or do for you. No interaction or interaction every day will work just fine for them. They do not carry the ego of human minds, so they need no acknowledgement for the completion of their tasks (doing their job) for you. They are always working as that is what they are created for.

Think of the worker bee or ant...they do not get rewarded for doing what they are created to do. They do it simply to ensure happiness and survival of their colony. My companions colonies are you and your spirit family. ❤

*this information is for MY companions. Each practitioner may conjure in different ways and therefore your spirit companions may have different requirements then the ones I offer. 

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