Gold, Ruby, and Diamond Estate Magickal Ring
Gold, Ruby, and Diamond Estate Magickal Ring
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Gold, Ruby, and Diamond Estate Magickal Ring

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A stunning 14kt gold ring with rubies and diamonds. Size 10.
It is missing two rubies, but that doesn't diminish the magick one bit. I acquired this ring through a witches estate and have used it for three years myself! Now it is time to pass it along. 

I have passed it through three lunar cycle rituals to ensure it's cleansed of any residual energies, and to enhance its magickal abilities.
This beautiful ring is imbued with luck and success in all matters of money and finances. It will not only keep your finances safe, but it will also bring about abundance and new opportunities. New jobs, new ventures, new investments. 

When you need a bit of a boost in the financial aspects of your life it's time to call upon the power of this talisman! Bringing you a flow of spendable cash, financial wisdom, and success in business or career opportunities as well.
Wear this ring on your finger, hang it from a necklace, or simply place it on your altar and use it to enhance your financial and opportunist endeavors.