Magickal of Shawree Blue Triangle
Magickal of Shawree Blue Triangle
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Magickal of Shawree Blue Triangle

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Shawree is another amazing spirit that presented herself to me in full willingness to help me in helping you to support the building of your most magickal life. She has lent the essence to many of my personal magickal tools with an excellent outcome


This wonderful magickal has been infused with the essence of a beautiful, highly magickal, female energy that goes by the name Shawree. She presents to me as a Native American woman with amazing long black hair that is braided with bright strands of cloth, feathers, and beads. She is thin framed and wears a dress of beige with bells attached. Her feet are covered with moccasins that have a bird beaded on the top in black and blue. She has lovely, kind eyes and a smile that shows her amazing inner light of kindness. 


When asked what she would like to leave for her essence in the pieces presented:


“My magick is designed to help you to draw more prosperity into your life. It will create strong drawing powers. When the land prospers, the people prosper. When the people prosper the whole is happy. (everyone/thing). The sun shines a little brighter, the stars twinkle a little more, the earth breathes a little better, and the people smile more. I know that the definition of prosperity is different for everyone. I cover all that is possible ways with my magick. I bring the means to make your way (money/finances) which are not solely money to exchange (oops!), but opportunities for you to receive what you need and desire in all ways. Maybe you need exchange with someone, or maybe you just need to be in the right place for you to see the fish (metaphor), but I will be sure that you’re there! Make things flow to you with the least amount of effort on your part. That is where my magick hides”.


This vessel has also been imbued through my personal rituals with energies for:











Simply having one of her amazing vessels will allow her to be ever present with you, but you may also choose to call upon her at any time by use of his vessel for 'added magickal punch' in any area of concern. 


It will become one of your go-to magickals that will ensure you get done what needs to be done!