Enchanted Items

Metaphysically Powered, Energy Infused Jewelry

Offering jewelry that is infused with magickal and metaphysical properties through ritual and spirit assisted castings to bring you amazing energies to support and propel you to live a magickal life daily.

These ah-maaaaazing items may be hand made or vintage items from working collections of magickal estates. Some simply called to me. No matter how they have come to me, they are all processed through my personal rituals and spirit assisted casts to imbue them with the most powerful charms that will melt into your personal energies so that you carry the magick within you as well. 

Each one is infused through intense rituals and casts with prayer, meditation, sound,  and energy channeling that sometimes can take months to complete. Those that are handmade are infused right from conception of idea!

The items need not be worn for full magickal effect, but when you’re looking for a boost from a particular item’s magick wear it or carry it with you. These items are powerful in all areas of life. As you continue to work with them, they will find ways to work in multiple areas for you as they merge and learn from you what you desire, require, and dream about….as well as where you are on your life path! Enjoy!   

The result is that my offerings go beyond simply being a representation of a spiritual or energetic subject. These items have been imbued with intense spirit assisted spell cast energy to bring to you amazing power for it's directed intention.  They contain the spiritual essence of the subject … something you can feel. They are talismans which emit life-altering positive energies and create amazing changes in your daily life.

From the newly created to the vintage estate pieces from crone witch collections....all are offerings direct and swift energy that can alter your life path.

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