Haunted Dolls

Our haunted dolls come to us from sources that have had previous paranormal activity encounters. Many are from witch estates and/or collections that were cared for for many years. Some come to us from others that have called upon us to remove a doll that they have had experiences with that frightened them or a child in their care. Still others may come to us from a calling when they are passed by.

Regardless of how they ended up in our care, each one has been worked with via energetic connection, Spirit Box, Dowsing Rods, and EMF sensor to receive and/or validate their information and intent. 

Each is then worked through a full lunar cycle to help to resolve any issues that may result in negative energies entering it's new home. 

Each doll comes to you with a chime candle inscribed and imbued by me with intention to assist with your connection to your new spirit family member.