Attraction Oil
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Attraction Oil

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Infused through ritual magick, gemstone, and vibrational magick to create a powerful infusion that will bring the things and people that you want, need, and desire to you through ATTRACTION.  

These oils are of the highest quality using natural herbs and essential oils that are allowed to merge and synchronize their effects for maximum magickal energy. They are magickal right from the beginning of their creation as the herbs are collected, blessed, and dried. The ingredients are merged during full ritual and then cast upon for a full lunar cycle.  

Use on yourself, a loved one, or to anoint pictures or other objects to infuse the energies into it. One sister used it to place her fingerprint on the desk that would be used for the person who would get the promotion. She was promoted! So many possibilities for use.

If you’re looking for an everyday wearable oil, this is it.

Since Venus is the planet of love, attraction and obtaining desires of the heart, I start making this on Friday’s (which is the day of Venus), during the hour of Venus, when the moon is waxing, which is a perfect time to bring things toward you.

Because it’s meant to attract all kinds of things into your life — including love, money, peace of mind, friendships, etc — I allow it to ‘brew’ through all the planetary cycles until it reaches Venus again.

This means, it also contains the energy of…

The Sun: Which opens you to wealth, personal power and success

The Moon: Which is good for clairvoyance, spellwork and spirituality

Mars: Which rules courage, sexuality and strength

Mercury: Which is good for communication, business and travel

Jupiter: Excellent for prosperity, luck and expansion

Saturn: Which is good for protection, banishing, boundaries and binding

Whatever you want to manifest in your life, you’ll find that Attraction Oil offers a no nonsense foundation.

10ml roller bottle that may differ from bottle shown due to availability.