Ritual Candle of Intention
Ritual Candle of Intention
Ritual Candle of Intention
Ritual Candle of Intention
Ritual Candle of Intention
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Ritual Candle of Intention

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My Ritual Candles are fully prepared and ready for immediate use. Each candle is ritually handcrafted for it's intention under the proper moon phase during creation ritual and is therefore available in very limited quantities each month


The candles are made with six interwoven candles, herbs, resins, and pure beeswax. The colored interior candle is dressed and wrappedThis is a powerful method of candle magick spell casting. 


The Ritual Candles are activated by lighting the center wick, which is the interior of the candle. As the flame of the color center begins to grow you should begin chanting your mantra (details below). Within a few minutes, the interior wick will slowly light the five surrounding candles - one at a time. With each candle that is self-lit, an influence or aspect of that which you are desiring will be sent into Universal Flow to begin it's manifestation.


How to Use:

I suggest you give yourself AT LEAST 30 minutes for this ritual.

Step 1: You will need:

  • Piece of paper (3 X 3 is great, but any size that feels right to you)
  • A pen
  • Fireproof and heat-resistant ritual surface (very important!)


On one side of the piece of paper, write a single sentence mantra, some examples are shown below. 


"I now pull abundance in finances into my life."
"All of my bills and needs are paid and met"

"I now remove and permanently banish all negative influences, energies, and entities around me."

"My perfect mate is now coming into my life"

"My romantic life is blooming"

"My relationship with _______ is strong and loyal."

"________is now permanently banished from my life."

"I now allow ________ to come into my life."

Whatever affirmative statement you decide to write is now your ritual mantra.  (remember write them for what you want, not what you don't want)


Step 2: On the back of the same paper, write more in-depth about what you desire. There is great power in getting all of the thoughts and energies out of your mind and onto the paper.  Write all over the paper and even write over what you already wrote.  This is a good time to let it get messy. Get it all out, don't overthink what you are writing. Open up and allow all the emotions to rise up within you. 


Step 3: Set up the candle on your ritual surface. There are two options for doing so:

Option 1These prepared Ritual Candles can be used without a candle holder. It is able to stand upright with the help of a few drops from a different candle and often times you can simply press and stick the candle to your heat resistant surface. 


I refer to this as the drip-stick method:  First, make sure you have a solid, leveled, fireproof, and heat-resistant surface. Light a single candle and drip about 6-10 drops of wax directly on the center of your fireproof ritual surface creating a small pool of wax in the center. Firmly stick the base of the candle directly into the pool of wax and hold it for about 10 seconds. The center quickly hardens, and the Ritual Candle will stand upright without any assistance.  


Note: It may take you a couple of tries to get the hang of this. It’s alright, keep trying until it’s able to stand upright. Once you learn to use the drip-stick method, it will become a permanent part of your ritual repertoire. If at a certain point you wish to use a candleholder instead, see option below. 


Option 2: If you would prefer to not use the standing method, the Ritual Candle can fit into a candleholder. Please note, each candle is handmade and the width slightly varies. You may need to shape, scrape, or add foil to the bottom to fit your holder OR you may choose to fill a cauldron or dish with salt or sand to stand your candle up in.


Step 4: Place your statement paper next to the  Ritual Candle. With strong will-power and determination in your voice, exclaim:

"As I light this candle, the magick from it flows."

Then state your ritual mantra from step 1. 


The Candle is activated by lighting the center wick. Light the center wick, and as the center flame begins to grow, begin chanting your mantra.


Within a few minutes, the interior wick will slowly self-light the five surrounding candles. With each candle that is self-lit, an influence or aspect of that which you are working for will begin to shift and energies will flow into Universe. Watch the intricacy of the multiple dancing flames unfold. Spend a few minutes simply gazing at. Imagine that as the candles burn down, so too do all the negative things in your life that may be blocking you in any way. Have fun for a few minutes daydreaming about the desired outcome of your intention.

You may choose to place your mantra paper to the flames to ignite. If you do....be sure that you have a heat proof container to drop the flaming piece of paper into! If you prefer, just dispose of the paper as you would any spell remnant.


Do not physically manipulate the candle to burn one way or another. Remember, the candle is a physical representation of the energies around you. If interference occurs, it is an indication that more work needs to be done. 


Important: The candle flame can get quite high. Please make sure there are no flammable surroundings. 


Remnant Disposal: Once any remaining wax cools and hardens, scrape off the ritual surface and break it into small pieces. The remnant disposal for this ritual is your choice:

1. Bury Them
There are a variety of ways you can go about burying your extra bits of a candle to keep the energy of the spell intact after your candle magic spell is completed.
Look at the intentions of the spell you performed. If you are trying to bring about something new to your life then you should bury the candles in your front yard.
If your intention is to keep something around that is already present then you should bury them in your backyard. If you don't have a yard or don't feel right about digging it up, you can bury the leftover candles in a houseplant.

When it comes to spells on the negative spectrum, if you're attempting to banish someone or get rid of something, then you shouldn't bury the candles anywhere near your home. Bury them or throw the pieces to the ground somewhere a good distance away to keep the energy from affecting you.

It's important to remember that you should only bury candle pieces that are made entirely from natural wax like beeswax. Candles with paraffin in them can be harmful to the environment.


2. Throw Them Away
It is possible to get rid of leftover candles and other spell ingredients by simply throwing them away. But you shouldn't simply throw them in the trash can in your home. Wrap the remains in a white tissue (toilet paper, paper towel, kleenex, etc.) first.

If you are removing, banishing, or desiring anything to leave you or your home, be sure to remove the trash from your home to an outside bin right away or just throw the wrapped remains into an outside bin. 

3. Melt Them Down
As with most things in magic, fire is a powerful tool to get things done. If you want to completely dispose of the leftovers from your candle to release all of the spell energy into the universe, consider using heat to burn it all away.

Melting the rest of the candle wax down is a good way to get rid of it without having any tangible evidence left behind. Just heat them up and let them melt away until you are satisfied.


Note: Candle shown in pics is a money candle. Each candle is hand crafted and will vary in width slightly. The herbs, oils, and blends will be different for each batch of each intention as they will correlate to not only the intention but the timing, season, and surrounding energies as well.