Spirit Dolls

My yarn spirit dolls are handmade by me. Each one is unique and carries within it herbs and blends for each specific condition they were made for. Each one is blessed and anointed with appropriate oils.

My spirit dolls are created to bring to you the most inspiring way to allow your desires, wants, and needs to come to you as well as to support you through situations and circumstances of life through.

Each doll is created while it's energy is communicated with and instructed on his or her focus tasks. 
Your spirit doll is "energetically alive" and should be treated as such with respect. Each one is 'born' to work with intense precision on it's appointed task.

Each is unique and powerful, ready to help you in your life. They will know exactly what to do as I've instructed them. They are energetically introduced to you before they leave on their way home.

Some may have additional items that come with them, but all have herbs and oils used in their creation. You can feel free to add your personal energy to your doll as well with perfume, herbs, oils, stones, or any accessories you feel fit, but you NEED not do this to enjoy your doll's magick.

My spirit dolls are created to connect the essence of spirit, with which the user communicates his or her desires. The doll will summon and work within universal energies to work towards your needs, wants, and desires.

These dolls are made for specific purposes: to bring love, money, luck, success, power, attraction, sex, wisdom, protection from other spells, to hex enemies, to remove jinxes or to exorcise a person from your life forever. Each doll is handmade and imbued with power by personal ritual. Because my dolls are manifestations of spirit energy, they must be treated with care and handled with respect.

Once you receive your doll home, you'll want to welcome them and reaffirm their task for you.
I suggest the following: Light the candle and incense that comes with your spirit doll.  Place your doll baby near that candle. (Be careful it's not too close though!) Touch your magical doll and speak to Spirit. Tell it your wishes, desires and needs. Ask  to have these needs, wishes and desires brought into reality. Treat your doll with respect and the they will answer your wishes!

After you have received your doll baby, you must make friends with it. You should talk to your doll; tell it your troubles or desires. Hold the doll gently while you talk to it. You may even choose to carry your doll with you or place it in your sacred space.

You can also add some of your own essence to the doll, such as hair or something personally meaningful to you, such as a bead or charm. Many doll owners also write their desires on a small piece of paper and insert it into the doll's body, and some people carry their dolls with them or tuck them underneath their clothes, keeping them close at all times.