Animal Connection Spirit Doll
Animal Connection Spirit Doll
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Animal Connection Spirit Doll

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Animal Connection Spirit Doll

Female Energy

Name: Janice

The Animal Connection Spirit Dolls are created to help to bring about connection to animals both in the physical and spirit realms. Your spirit animals and guides are easier to connect with and communicate with. Allowing the guidance of you spirit animal guardians will help you to maneuver through life with support for specific situations as they arise. Your passed animal companions are drawn to this doll for connection as well.

These animal connection spirit dolls also help us to connect with animals in the physical realm. This means that you will have a stronger, more understanding connection and relationship with pets. Being able to better understand their behavior, current emotions, and anxiety levels will help to keep the home and pet happy.  

You will also notice that wild animals and birds will become much more interested in you and allow a much closer encounter than previous. Although the monkey will not come and sit and chat over coffee, you may find that you understand the unspoken movements and body language of all sort of animals.

A great one if you work with animals in any way as there will be a calming effect that you will carry when interacting with animals.

Your spirit doll arrives to you with a candle and incense to burn to connect with their amazing energy.

 This doll arrives to you with a wonderful snake bead charm and stone adornment that have each been cast through ritual for Connection to Animals and Spirit.


My yarn spirit doll babies are handmade by me. Each one is unique and carries within it herbs and blends for each specific condition they were made for. Each one is blessed and anointed with appropriate oils. They are between 6 and 8 inches tall.

My spirit dolls are created to bring to you the most inspiring way to allow your desires, wants, and needs to come to you as well as to support you through situations and circumstances of life.