Witch Rosary with crystal charms
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Witch Rosary with crystal charms

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This Witch Rosary has a wonderful variety of gemstone beads including rose quartz, labradorite, and onyx along with a hanging charm of faceted gemstones.  


Each of my rosary offerings are hand made by me during ritual.  I choose each item, bless each item, and imbue each item with it's magickal intention. The rosary is then assembled within ritual and is then blessed upon my altar in the following new and full moons. This means each one processes through at least one full lunar cycle with me. I then take the pictures and place them on my altar one final time for a cleansing and final blessing before being presented for sale. 

I still suggest that you cleanse your new rosary upon receipt. I enclose a candle and incense cone with each package for you to use if you'd like. 

Please read all about the Witch's Rosary and Witch's Ladder HERE. 

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