Discover Your Intuition

is a 7 week comprehensive course that allows you to discover and develop your Intuitive Psychic and Mediumship skills that bring about positive transformation in your life.

Excellent for both those just starting out down the path of discovery and for the experienced reader that wants to open the flow of intuition a bit more.

Simple and understandable information, techniques, and exercises to develop and enhance your intuitive skills.

Join me in a seven week online program to cultivate strong intuitive awareness and accurate information. This program uses both science and spirituality, covering both psychic development training and mediumship development classes. Throughout the seven weeks, you'll undergo a journey of emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation. A journey that will change your life.

You will learn to:

Work to learn and hone your skills to have more psychic experiences: Lean how to manage, harness and call psychic experiences on demand.

Get those relationships right: Transform your own mind to gain freedom from old, self sabatoging patterns and transform your relationships into healthy aspects of your life.

Learn how to recognize and listen to your intuition: Use your intuition as your guide to improve all areas of your life and of those around you. 

Become a part of a community of like-minded people: Enjoy your spiritual community and get supported and cheered on by an amazing group of people who see and accept you exactly as you are.

Get some balance back: Learn how to live in your most natural flow as you develop the sills to make the changes required for you to live your most magickal, happy life.

"I've taken a lot of courses trying to unlock any psychic ability. You finally did it! Your information is easy to understand and are things I could actually DO instead of just learning about. Thanks!"

-Susan S.


As soon as you sign up you're taken to Week 1 to get started. Then each week after you will receive the next lesson in the course. Go at your own pace though! We'll chat about that inside the course as well.

What you'll learn when you Discover Your Intuition:

  • How to reclaim your focus on your life by assessing where you are right now in all different areas of life and your spiritual path.
  • You'll learn that your intuition is best acknowledged in the clarity of your own truth. So we'll dig in and find out what stories people have told you that you believe but just simply aren't your truth.
  • A self discovery of your beliefs in the mind that transfer to your actions. We'll arrive at a place where you can understand where it stems from and how to adjust it to open yourself up to the positive flow of life and your intuition.
  • How to release all the little mice running around in the maze of your mind. Clarity comes with ease when we simply get some stuff out of our mental and physical space!
  • Discover your guides and how to tell them apart. Messages and guidance flow with ease when you develop the relationships needed with the guides.
  • How all the stuff works and how it works together on this side and the other. It's so much easier when you understand where it's coming from.
  • You'll discover where on the scale you fall with your psychic and mediumship abilities. Simple, ease, and fun assessments you'll be able to FEEL for yourself.

What's Included in the course:

  • 4 to 6 training videos each week that begin right away with Week 1 and then unlock each week after.
  • Worksheets and Homework each week. Easy and fun exercises that help you to discover deeper and uncover your intuition.
  • Q&A available to you via the course comments which I check daily so you never feel alone.
  • The option to join the Community of like minded people who support and encourage you along your journey.

What makes this course different from all the rest?

In this course you are given information, techniques, and exercises that are actionable. You can really DO the things that are necessary to become open to your intuitive flow. It's digging into what you have within you to discover what needs to be done to allow that intuition to open up for you. Then we dive into how to open it up and recognize your amazing skills and talents. We all have it. Some of us just need help discovering it and how to work it.

The information is explained in ways and terms that are very easy to understand so that you can get the most from it. There isn't the "just visualize it" kind of lessons here. It's REAL information that can REALLY change your life.

this course is also excellent for those that are just starting their intuition discovery as well as for those that have been open for some time but are finding the need to remove some blockages that have popped up.

It's you learning the entire process of opening up, not just being told this is how it's done or "this is how I did it". You get to be active in every step of the way to realize what's just right for you and your intuitive flow.

"I couldn't be happier with the progress I made with your course. I finally understand what was stopping me from connecting with my guides before".

-Shelby G.

"This opened up a whole new way to connect with my angels!"

-Annette T.


The price of Discover Your Intuition today includes 2 months of the Circle Magickal Membership!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course start?

As soon as you enroll in Discover Your Intuition you are open to the first week of the course along with some bonus items. Then every 7 days after that, the following week's course will become available to you. Don't worry though, you can work at your own pace! If you need more time for a certain week be sure to take it. It's not a race!   

What if I don't finish the course in time?

There is no time limit on the availability of the course to you once you enroll. Take your time and work through it at your own pace. The lessons are spaced a week apart just because I thought that is a good amount of time to process through the homework and exercises in the lessons. But you can definitely take more time and work at your own pace.   

How many lessons are in the course?

There are seven weeks of the course in which there are 4 to 6 videos in each week. Plus worksheets and homework (don't worry's pretty simple and not time consuming).  

I'm totally new to all this. Is it for me?

That's a big yes! My teaching techniques are excellent for those just starting out on their intuitive skills journey. The lessons give a great foundation upon which to build and develop your skills. We all start at the beginning!  

I'm already a working professional intuitive. Will I benefit from this course?

That's another big yes! Many professionals have completed the course to improve their skills and accuracy.  

Does it really work? Really?

That's a huge yes! Yes, yes it does! This course is unlike others in that it allows you to both understand the concepts of how it all works and brings you through the process developed to unleash and let go of the blockages that were holding your intuitive flow back. Yes, you have to do the work, but when the work is fun, easy, relatable, and understandable it's so much easier and faster to process through. This means your intuitive and spiritual aspects in life progress faster as well.   

Is it for psychics or mediums?

Both! Some of us fall on one end or the other of the psychic to medium line, but most of us are a wonderful blend of each. The course will teach you the difference and allow you to discover where you fall on that line. By the last week you'll know what your strengths are and how to focus to develop them even further for faster and even more accurate messages. You're not a cookie so there is not cookie-cutter experiences in this course!  

Let's Get Started!

About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Annika. I've been teaching intuitive development since 2003 including online since 2009. I am also the owner of Witchful Ways. I enjoy teaching in a way that is down-to-earth and relatable. We're not cookies and I don't use cookie cutter methods in my classes. I like to have fun and laugh all while helping walk their path and create their most magickal life.

I look forward to our connection!