Monthly Magick Box

A Full Ritual Ready to Go Right Out of the Box!

Each month you'll receive a box that has all that you need for a ritual that corresponds to that month's energies or influence. 

All you have to do is decide when you're going to complete your ritual. 

No need to wait for the Full or New Moon for your ritual. Any time of the month is fine!

Each month you'll receive:

A Candle

Hand crafted candle that was created and ritually imbued to support the month's intention.

An Oil Blend

10ml Roller Bottle of a hand crafted oil blend imbued ritually.

An Herb Blend

An herb blend that will enhance and support the month's intention.

A Crystal

A crystal that corresponds to the month's intention that you can carry or keep in sacred space.

Sometimes I like to throw a little extra surprise in there too!!

Plus you'll have access to a video each month showing the contents of the month's box, the dates of the Moon phases (just in case you like to coordinate), and ideas for use. You'll be able to ask questions about the items or uses as well right there! 

No Auto Billing

You'll receive an invoice each month for the following month's box. 

Pay the invoice to receive your box or choose to skip any month or cancel all together if you'd like. (Although I know you'll love it and won't want to!)

All invoices paid by the 15th of the month ship out the last week of that month for the following month's box.  

Example: Boxes paid on Oct. 15th will be paying for Nov. box that will ship out the last week in October. 

Monthly Magick Box

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My purpose is to make your magickal life easier. 

  • No need to gather ingredients or look up rituals. Just open the box!

  • Easy ritual ideas that you can actually use.

  • Products are Crafted During Ritual and Blessed before Shipping.