New to the Old Ways of Witchcraft?

New to the Old Ways? 
Some things you might want to know...

This type of witchcraft by it's very nature is operative and results-oriented.  ​It has stood the test of time because it works. The ability to manifest measurable results is the reason it has a continued, working presence and utilization in the world.

A traditional witch has no need of things like initiations or head-priestesses. We simply want to do our spellwork, obtain measurable results and move on with our lives. Magick is a part of our normal, everyday life.

​I am willing to show you how you can do the same!

By removing the overly complicated current day ideals regarding witchcraft and magick, my method shows exactly how you can intentionally alter your life's circumstances and thrive as a master of your life.

This is the most intense and direct route to understanding your personal power.

I'm not here to teach you wishful thinking, new age religion, or to tell you that if you just learn how to be happy everything will come right to you. 

I don't believe in dogma or judgements. I do believe in you. I believe you have to make a peace within yourself before you can make peace with the outside world. To experience the world in a new, different way you must begin my loving and appreciating yourself. You make your own rules and follow your own inner voice. I believe in free will and most importantly....magick.

This is an advanced stage of self-development and self-empowerment and is for those who aren't looking to follow someone else's path or a guide book to life. It is for those who make their own rules, those who not require permission and those who follow their own inner voice.

My goal is to show you how to put energetic principles to physical work and to achieve absolutely all your desires through the natural magickal practices of our ancestors. By following the simple, easy to follow foundation, almost anyone can harness the magickal forces that create worlds and use them to their own advantage.

This is the secret power of the traditional, old ways witchcraft.

This path is not for everyone and it is often a path of the solitary, recluse, and the introvert.  Witchcraft is not defined by black clothing, occult jewelry or the macabre. Witchcraft is an intellectual pursuit that requires time, effort and dedication. I hold the intention of reaching people who seek an alternative change in their lives. Those who are not afraid of the mysterious and the sometimes darker aspects of the universal laws. To teach, to mentor, and to offer my services to bring you powerful and direct change is my goal.

There's no initiation, rules, or gurus here. Just a welcoming, uplifting, and supportive space for those looking for real witchcraft results. 

Embrace your inner witch....she's waiting for you to start exploring! 

This is the most intense and direct route to understanding your personal power. 

If you'd like to start exploring how to release that powerful inner witch, feel free to take a peek at my courses and membership that will have you working your first powerful spells in no time!