Spell Intentions - Partial List

Here are some of the details regarding the spells that are offered.  If you have any other questions, or your desire doesn't quite fit into any of these, please feel free to contact us directly or use the Custom Spell choice and send along the desire you would like from your spellwork.

Spells of SUCCESS:  Allow your self confidence to reign over you in times where you may have been or feel intimidated or scared. This will allow you to make that pitch, ask for a raise, or to do things that you did not feel that you could do. This can lead to great success in life and business.   Success in business by increased production and/or sales.  Success in romantic ventures…nuff said..lol.  Success in all aspects of life.  Looks out for your best interest in every situation.   

Spells of MONEY / LUCK:  Wonderful when dealing with games of chance such as casino, bingo, or any other gambling endeavor.  Great when contacting someone regarding money (loans, raising capital, etc.).   Turns the energy flow to allow the additional spendable cash needed.  Small amounts at first will build over time to allow for the bigger, more frequent amount to come to you.


This ring will allow all of your energy to move in a direction to bring to you the success, wealth, and life style that you desire. Brings about your creative genius to allow you to realize, understand, and act upon the ideas and information you need to bring you to a path of success.

Spells of SELF CONFIDENCE: Your newly strengthened self-confidence will bring wonderful changes to you. Do the things that you didn't think you could do. Whether it be in the workplace, home life, or financial aspects.  Ask for that raise or promotion with confidence. Enter into your own business with the confidence that you will succeed. Go into that job interview knowing that you have the job in the bag!

SPELLS OF PSYCHIC CONNECTION:  Psychic connection/awakening spells will allow for your psychic abilities to become apparent to you or to strengthen the abilities you are already working with. It will not all of a sudden have you seeing ghosts.  It will gradually bring about your abilities which will allow you to 'grow into' your experiences without becoming overwhelmed or frightened. Expect very vivid dreaming and the ability to begin to pick up on surrounding people's emotions as the first signs of new found abilities. 

Positive energy:  These spells will bring about to you a wonderful energy flow that will help to keep you "clean" from negative energy and allow you to excel in all that you desire.  Positive energy is the basis for great things to come to you.  Without the positive energy flow to balance the negativity that we all come in contact with on a daily basis we could become overwhelmed with feelings of depression, aggravation, and lack of ambition.

Happiness spells to allow you to seek out and find the lighter side of life in general.  Allow your stresses to be reduced and the hectic times to become a little easier to handle.  Adjust your mood and allow yourself to become a little "lighter".

Spells  of LOVE, COMMITMENT, and RELATIONSHIP:  Allow yourself to have a great relationship! These spells will help you to find love, retain love, deepen love, expand your love life, keep your love spark alive, and offer complete commitment and intimacy. LOVE spells to help you find love, keep love strong, and intensify intimacy with your lover. 

The spells infused into these hearts are for MATTERS OF THE HEART.

The spells were placed upon it to work for you in whatever your current needs may be in matters of the heart.  

Draw Love spells to bring love to you

Communication spells to keep the lines of communication open in the relationship

Commitment spells to keep each of you loyal to the other

Repel others spell to keep romantic outside interests at bay

Passion spells to keep the flame roaring

Intimacy spells to keep the connection growing and deepening each day

Along with happiness, harmony, and health spells.

This item is able to not only work in romantic relationships, but in platonic ones as well.  Have closer family and friends relationships.

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH spells:   Help to keep you young at heart and younger looking on the outside as well.  Spells to help to slow, stop, and sometimes reverse the signs of aging that plague us all. Clearer and smoother skin, thicker and shinier hair, and longer and stronger nails are all things these spells can work on for you.

VITALITY spells to keep you moving and energized!  Gives you the added energy you need to get things done and allow you to enjoy your daily life a bit more.  Regain the spark of excitement about life’s little things.  

CLEANSING spells:  These spells allow for the negativity to be removed from you and your personal space.  Removing stagnant negativity can open up a whole new world!  When positive energy is allowed to flow freely, great things will begin to come your way.  Your moods will lift, and your days become brighter.  We tend to not realize how much negativity can ‘hang around’ until we all of a sudden are hit with negative emotions, physical ailments, or depression.  Clear out that negativity for a lighter life!

PROTECTION spells:  Allow for continued deflection of negativity that comes your way.  Ill wishes and psychic attacks by others are of no consequence to you with the great protection of these spells.  Protection spells not only help to deflect the negativity, but help to also keep yourself out of the minds of those that wish to cause you harm or send ill wishes.  Having a problem with someone at work?  These spells will keep you out of their thoughts to allow you a “smoother” day.  They work well for children as well for protection against the influence of peers.

PROTECTION spells to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure through the journeys of life. 

This is a great talisman for use on children, teens, and adults.   It will keep a protective “barrier” around those you love when you can not be there to look after them.  

Keep it in your baby’s drawer for protection from illness and accidents. 

Keep it in your preteens room to help guard them from peer pressures and bullying.

Keep it in the glove box of your teens car or on their key chain to protect them and keep them safe while they are behind the wheel  and out with friends.

Any adult will benefit from the protection from negativity and ill wishes from others.

Spells of Health/Healing:  These spells allow for better overall natural function of your body.   Helps to keep your immune system up to be able to fight off illness and disease.  Helps with levels of stress to allow your body to relax.  Your body works at it’s optimal state when you remove the symptoms of stress with it.  These spells are meant to not only keep you healthy, but to bring you back to health when needed as well.  These spells will help after traumatic events such as surgery and accidents as well by helping to speed recovery time. 

WEALTH spells:  Allow a gradual build up of additional income to allow you the life that you desire.

COMMUNICATION spells: to keep the lines of communication open no matter the age.  Communication is key in any relationship and these spells will keep the conversations flowing.  These spells are also wonderful for spirit communication. 

Spirit Connection and Communication: Having the ability to acknowledge, receive, and understand messages from your spirit guide(s) makes brings you amazing intuition and guidance through life. You are able to traverse through difficult situations and circumstances with much more self confidence and assurance that you are on the right track for your highest good.