Monthly spellcast membership

Full Moon, Dark to New Moon, and ALL special occasion casts included!

PLUS monthly energetic clearings!

An Open Flow of Energies to you and working for you throughout each month.

What is Included:
Full Moon Spell Cast 
Dark to New Moon Spell Cast 
Monthly Energetic Clearing

You will also receive:
Blue Moon Spell Cast (any second full moon of the month)
Black Moon Spell Cast (any second new moon of the month)
Any special astrological occurrence cast such as Lion's Gate or such
Any special holiday and/or Sabbat casts performed

Your own membership community area OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA
Direct emails to inform you of upcoming casts and cast completions

Special Occasion Casts

ALL monthly special occasions will be included as well!
These casts include such things as:
Lion's Gate of August
11:11 of November
New Year (Dec. 31st)
and MORE!!

Energetic Clearing

The energetic clearing allows your energy centers and overall energetic body to be cleared of the muck that attaches to us in our every day life. 

Having too much of this stuck energy, most of which doesn't even belong to you, will cause issues both energetically and even physically if not removed.

Dark to New Moon

This service is for opening your roads and doors, clearing obstacles out of your path. Road opening is one of the most important maintenance workings you can do and should be done regularly. Clearing obstacles out of your path makes forward movement flow once again. Releasing the things that are holding you back mentally or emotionally will encourage and support you to resume your regularly scheduled life path filled with happiness and optimism.

Full Moon


Manifesting goals

Nurturing an Abundant Life

Personal power


Money Magick

Luck and Success

Money Cast

This spell will work to bring financial abundance in the form of spendable cash as well as working to remove obstacles, thought patterns, and behaviors that are sabotaging financial flow to you. Open up the roadblocks that are keeping you from forward financial movement.

Love and Relationship

This spell will work for platonic and romantic relationships. It will be for romantic issues and all personal connections. It will increase the energy of love into your life, existing partnerships, and current connections. It also works wonderfully for allowing new love to enter your life and to increase your sense of self love.

What our customer say about this product

Why is a monthly spell cast membership good?

One of the most intricate parts of casting spells for other people is the ability to connect to and 'open up' the energetic connection between myself, you, and the universal flow.

Once that energetic connection is open the spell energies are easily directed to you and I can scan your energetic body with ease.

With the monthly membership that energetic connection is 'paused' between casts, but it is never fully closed. This allows me to save energy and time when it's time to connect with you again for your next cast....and that, in turn, saves you money!

You still receive a powerful full cast of intention with direction.

 I simply do not have to expend as much energy and time to connect to you each cast.

Think of it as putting a twisty tie on the bread bag instead of re-sealing it shut each time. (I love analogies, lol).

Your energy is safe and secure and never just 'left open'. I have special lineage rituals that allow a secure connection.

Your casts are personal to you each time unless there is a special community cast offered by me for a special occasion or when the need is felt.