What IS a Spirit Companion?

My spirit companions are beings that are conjured from astral energy that will form a partnership with an individual. 

They can greatly help you through your journey in life. These can be any type of companion that accompanies you during this life, and multiple of these companions can be brought together to form spirit families. The spirit families are simply made of many different spirit companions that have come together, because of their connection to a specific human companion. People who have a spirit companion are considered to be practicing spirit companionship, or spirit keeping, and are known as spirit keepers, or spirit companions themselves.

There are a few differences between Spirit Guides, and Spirit Companions. Spirit guides are already connected to you before you incarnate. Spirit guides can also be sent down later in your life by your higher self to interact with you and to bring you knowledge, and wisdom. Spirit companions will not be connected to you before this incarnation, and before you get to know each other both of you will agree to communicate, and work together in this lifetime as companions. A practitioner is also able to have spirit guides, and spirit companions at the same time with both of them filling different roles in the practitioner’s relationships, and experiences.

Any form of spiritual being can end up becoming a spiritual companion as long as the spirit keeper, and the spirit begin to associate with each other in order to form this companionship.

My spirit companions are summoned to step forward through normal summoning practices. Sometimes they are met through astral projection, or astral travel as well. I do not ever force any unwilling spirit energy to entertain the idea of becoming a companion. There is no force to their desire to support their human ever!

Spirit companions can be viewed on our website or through our weekly events that occur in our secret group. This is where you can connect with specific spirits that fit your personality, practice, and life. I  charge for my time and effort of bringing about the conjure. I also take the time to be certain that the companion is not harmful in any way to it's human companion no matter what their experience level or to any other energetic being.

Just a little something I always tell people: Spirit companion shops can be legitimate places of business ran by very talented individuals, BUT there are quite a lot of scam shops that go through the process of scamming people out of their money, that is something that I implore you to be watchful of.  Be sure you know and trust your conjurer!  

My companions are also sometimes 'attached' to a vessel once the spirit has been taken on as a companion. My vessels are also spellcast to support the tasks of the companion and act more like magickal communication devices between the spirit keeper, and  the spirit companion, allowing them to act as direct connections to them when communication is needed, or wanted. These vessels can be pretty much anything, but they are usually something that is more special, or connected to the personality, and being of the spirit companion.  They do not need to have a vessel, though this vessel acts as a focal, connection, and grounding point.

Once the spirit keeper, and spirit companion begin their relationship they may work with, and communicate with each other. The spirit keeper may even create the spirit companion an altar, and give them offerings. From there the relationship can change into many different forms depending upon where they would like to take it.